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Pedro Martinez vs. Sandy Koufax: Who was the better pitcher?

They both did not put up big overall numbers because of injuries but when they were healthy, they dominated on the mound.

Personally, I have to say Pedro was better than Koufax because he pitched in more harsh conditions for pitchers.

To you, who was the better pitcher?

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    Compare Sandy Koufax with Pedro Martinez' first 13 seasons (he only pitched eight innings his first season):

    Games: Koufax (397), Martinez (388)

    Games Started: Martinez (321), Koufax (314)

    Record: Martinez (182-76), Koufax (165-87)

    W%: Martinez (.705), Koufax (.655)

    IP: Koufax (2324.1), Martinez (2296.0)

    BB: Martinez (615), Koufax (817)

    SO: Martinez (2653), Koufax (2396)

    ERA: Martinez (2.71), Koufax (2.76)

    ERA+: Martinez (168), Koufax (131)

    Both had 3 Cy Youngs and 6 All Star games. Both led the league in ERA 5 times. Koufax led in strikeouts 4 times to Pedro's 3.

    Koufax, however, was much better than Martinez in the postseason.

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    Koufax. Top five all time pitcher. FOUR no hitters including that perfect game. Only Nolan Ryan had more. BTW, Koufax was a far better pitcher than Ryan as well.

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    I'd also pick Pedro Martinez. I honestly think Koufax is a fairly overrated pitcher, even if his peak was spectacular.

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    No contest...Koufax would come out on top in each, and every, category.

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