Thoughts on these names?


His List: Her List:

Taryn, Penelope

Brylee, Charlotte

Bryn, Cora

Blair, Evangeline

Leilani, Julia

Elsie, Persephone

Blythe, Savannah

Juniper, Zora

Layla, Celeste

Celia, Anya


His List: Her List:

Asher, Wyatt

Jude, Levi

Liam, Miles

Caleb, Emmett

Sawyer, Owen

Hudson, Eli

Ryker, Lucas

Auther, Rhys

Noah, Beau

Kai, Austin

Which names do you like best? Opinions? Middle name suggestions? Last name Niehaus (Knee-House)

Thank you

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    His List: Her List:

    Taryn, Penelope-- Penelope. Taryn is okay, but I think Penelope is just beautiful. It's on my favorites list. Potential middle names...Penelope Rose, Penelope Kate, Penelope Ava, Penelope Iris

    Brylee, Charlotte-- Charlotte, hands down. It's classic and timeless

    Potential middle names...Charlotte Grace, Charlotte Ruth, Charlotte Aria, Charlotte Joy

    Bryn, Cora-- Cora. It's simple but lovely.

    Potential middle names...Cora Elizabeth, Cora Margaret, Cora Jillian, Cora Sydney

    Blair, Evangeline-- I'm not a fan of either of these to be honest, sorry.

    Leilani, Julia-- Julia. It's so sweet!

    Potential middle names...Julia Marie, Julia Natalie, Julia Brooke, Julia Kathleen

    Elsie, Persephone-- Neither of these rank very high for me, but between the two, I prefer Elsie.

    Potential middle names...Elsie Mae, Elsie Nicole, Elsie Noelle, Elsie Gloria

    Blythe, Savannah-- Savannah. There's just something about it!

    Potential middle names...Savannah Leigh, Savannah Gayle, Savannah Paige, Savannah Leslie

    Juniper, Zora-- Between the two...Zora.

    Potential middle names...Zora Roxanne, Zora Violet, Zora Alexis, Zora Phoenix

    Layla, Celeste-- I like both, but I really like Layla!

    Potential middle names...Layla Camille, Layla Willow, Layla Vivienne, Layla Jane

    Celia, Anya-- Both are so cute! I think I have to give this one to....Celia.

    Potential middle names...Celia Ruby, Celia Hazel, Celia Pauline, Celia Quinn


    His List: Her List:

    Asher, Wyatt-- Both are cute...but I'm leaning more towards Asher!

    Potential middle names...Asher Michael, Asher Gregory, Asher Lloyd, Asher Charles

    Jude, Levi-- This is rough because I find both names to be awesome...but I will choose Levi.

    Potential middle names...Levi Mark, Levi Joshua, Levi Daniel, Levi Cole

    Liam, Miles-- Liam! Always has been one of my personal favorites.

    Potential middle names...Liam John, Liam Andrew, Liam Wesley, Liam Tyler

    Caleb, Emmett-- Yikes, this one is tough! Both are fantastic...but Caleb is higher on my favorites list so I will choose that one.

    Potential middle names...Caleb Vincent, Caleb Aaron, Caleb Samuel, Caleb Nicholas

    Sawyer, Owen-- I adore both, but Owen has been on my favorites list a long time!

    Potential middle names...Owen Theodore, Owen Russell, Owen Henry, Owen Robert

    Hudson, Eli-- Eli, hands down!

    Potential middle names...Eli Gabriel, Eli Alexander, Eli Roman, Eli Donovan

    Ryker, Lucas-- Lucas for sure!

    Potential middle names...Lucas Maxwell, Lucas Dexter, Lucas Scott, Lucas Tanner

    Auther, Rhys-- Rhys is my favorite between the two!

    Potential middle names...Rhys James, Rhys Alexander, Rhys Nathaniel, Rhys Edward

    Noah, Beau-- Noah for sure!

    Potential middle names...Noah Oliver, Noah Benjamin, Noah Thomas, Noah Lawrence

    Kai, Austin-- I like Austin best between the two.

    Potential middle names...Austin Christopher, Austin Jay, Austin Phillip, Austin Victor

    **You guys have a great selection! I tried really hard not to repeat any middle names so I hope I didn't have any slip ups lol**

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    His List: Her List:

    Taryn, Penelope ... I prefer Penelope but really like Erin which is close to Taryn. Erin Penelope is pretty :)

    Brylee, Charlotte... Charlotte!

    Bryn, Cora... Bryn.

    Blair, Evangeline... Blair

    Leilani, Julia ... Julia! I think Julia Leilani is pretty :)

    Elsie, Persephone... Elsie! I could kind of see Elsie working as a nickname from Persephone.

    Blythe, Savannah... Savannah!

    Juniper, Zora... Neither.

    Layla, Celeste... Layla.

    Celia, Anya... Celia.


    His List: Her List:

    Asher, Wyatt... Wyatt

    Jude, Levi... Levi

    Liam, Miles... Miles

    Caleb, Emmett... Caleb

    Sawyer, Owen... Love them both.

    Hudson, Eli... Hudson

    Ryker, Lucas... Lucas

    Auther, Rhys... Rhys

    Noah, Beau... Noah

    Kai, Austin... Austin

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    His List: Her List:

    Taryn, Penelope – I really like both. Taryn use to be quite high on my list and Penelope has been rising lately.

    Brylee, Charlotte – Brylee is cute but I don`t like the -ee ending and it doesn`t age well and isn`t very versitile. Charlotte is excellent. Charlie or Lottie are cute nicknames.

    Bryn, Cora – Love Bryn, like Cora

    Blair, Evangeline – Adore Evangeline

    Leilani, Julia - Both are nice

    Elsie, Persephone – Persephone is alright, maybe a little hard to pull off

    Blythe, Savannah – Both nice, want to like Blythe more than I do. Think it would make an excellent middle name

    Juniper, Zora – Both hard to pull off but kudos if you do.

    Layla, Celeste – Pretty but not my style

    Celia, Anya – Prefer Cecelia or Cecily to Celia. Like Anya

    Penelope Juniper, Taryn Celeste, Charlotte Blythe, Evangeline Cora, Leilani Charlotte, Anya Juniper, Blythe Evangeline, Zora Leilani


    His List: Her List:

    Asher, Wyatt – Okay to both

    Jude, Levi – Love Levi, like Jude

    Liam, Miles – Love Miles, prefer William to Liam

    Caleb, Emmett – Love Caleb

    Sawyer, Owen – Love them both

    Hudson, Eli – Was never fond of Eli, adore Hudson since my sister used it for my nephew

    Ryker, Lucas – Love both. Have a nephew Lucas and had an awesome daycare kid named Ryker

    Auther, Rhys – Love Rhys (especially this spelling since I have Reese on my list for a girl)

    Noah, Beau – Prefer Noah over Beau

    Kai, Austin – Really like Kai

    Sawyer Miles, Ryker Emmett, Hudson Wyatt, Kai Emmett, Lucas Hudson, Owen Caleb, Levi Ryker, Miles Hudson, Caleb Sawyer

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    Favorites/Combos Girls:

    Blair, Celia, Anya, Charlotte

    Blair Charlotte

    Charlotte Blair

    Anya Blair

    Celia Charlotte

    Anya Charlotte

    Favorites/Combos Boys:

    Asher, Wyatt, Noah, Owen, Miles

    Owen Miles

    Asher Wyatt

    Noah Asher

    Wyatt Owen

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    His List: Her List:

    Taryn, love - Penelope - dislike

    Brylee, like - Charlotte - meh its okay

    Bryn, like - Cora like

    Blair, dislike - Evangeline like

    Leilani, like - Julia -dislike

    Elsie, prefer Elsa, like Persephone - dislike

    Blythe, like - Savannah love

    Juniper, like -Zora dislike

    Layla, love -Celeste not sure

    Celia, dislike - Anya dislike


    His List: Her List:

    Asher, dislike - Wyatt love

    Jude, love - Levi meh its okay

    Liam, love - Miles love

    Caleb, love Emmett like

    Sawyer, love - Owen like, maybe love

    Hudson, love - Eli love

    Ryker, love - Lucas love

    Auther, (Arthur?) both just meh - Rhys love

    Noah, like - Beau like, maybe love

    Kai, like - Austin love

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    My top 4 girls names from the list would have to be:

    1. Penelope



    4.Blair - I find these names are adaptable from a young age into adulthood and even into the later stages of life, they are relatively uncommon without seeming imagined by a 5 year old. The other names on the list are quite nice but I feel some will not age or will be difficult to pronounce.

    My top 4 boys names from the list are:




    4. Austin - these names are classics that have a very warm feel to them, they also go fit with your last name. Please try to stray from alliteration or rhyming of first and last names as they tend to sound like characters from children's book, but that is a personal rule and may not be applicable to you. Otherwise it was a very nice list you have comprised.

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    Girls: His lists has a lot of Celtic, unisex, and newer names. Her list is more romantic and old-fashioned. Good compromise names are Elsie (or Elise), Celia (or Cecilia), Zora, and Anya.

    Boys: The lists are fairly similar in style. Both like Old Testament names. Good compromise options are Asher, Wyatt, Levi, Eli, and Noah.

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    His list --> Love Taryn & like Elsie.

    Her list --> Love Penelope, Charlotte, Cora & Celeste.


    His list --> Love Asher, Jude, Liam & like Caleb & Noah.

    Her list --> Love Eli, Lucas Beau & like Levi, Emmett

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    Girls...Penelope, Julia, Persphone, Savannah, Juniper, and Layla

    Boys...Levi, Caleb, Lucas, Noah, and Eli<---Elijah or Elias. Eli for a nickname.

    Names to consider...

    Scarlett, Ivy, Heather, Chloe, and Amy

    Jesse, Ezra, Isaiah, Aaron, and Corey

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