ASU students/alumni, what is it really like?

-Have you had any trouble finding a job after asu?

-What was your major?

-Pros and cons of attending arizona state

-is it liberal

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  • 6 years ago
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    I went to ASU for graduate studies. ASU is extremely large with many options for majors, summer internships, double majors, minors, professors, advisers, etc. The answer is simple - regardless of where you go if you choose the wrong major for the job market you might graduate into unemployment. For example, a master's in software engineering from U. of South Florida would be in far more demand in the job market than a master's in philosophy from Yale.

    At ASU, the strong majors are business, allied health, and engineering. It sounds like you are concerned with the job market and horror stories of the "boomerang generation" of students who wind up living with their parents again after graduation. The best way to avoid that is to develop a multi-disciplinary background.


    * a major in accounting and a minor in computer science (or vice versa) - or just do a double major

    * a double major in nursing and electronic health records/medical billing

    * a major in mechanical engineering and minor in computer science

    * biomedical engineering and computer science

    * a double major in accounting and healthcare administration

    * business administration and nursing

    Add any of the paths above with summer internships. For example, the federal government offers many internships for business majors, engineers, computer programmers, etc. In addition, many companies hire summer interns. You need to build a resume.

    I graduated into unemployment as a physics major from a midwestern private college. So I went to graduate studies at ASU in biomedical engineering. I found that my program was missing (1) an emphasis on regulatory affairs and (2) advanced training in software engineering. I developed those skills with on-the-job experience and earned additional master's degrees. I am currently working on another one in software engineering (lol).

    I would recommend doing a job search with majors you are interested in for the following job search sites. I personally used the following to get many jobs and interviews. Both work well:


    For example, if you are interesting in business type in accounting and do a search on the area you want to live in. See the jobs posted.

    As a biomedical engineer with 16 years of work experience, I know there is a demand for FDA experts in compliance. So a job search in "FDA" on reveals the following.

    I also know that Java programmers are in demand who know Spring. That job search reveals the following:

    Based on my 16 years of experience, I would recommend these following fields for job employment. I would also recommend combining skills in multiple areas. For example, I knew a nurse who also had a bachelor's in electrical engineering. It was an unusual combination, but she is ALWAYS employed.

    * biomedical engineering

    * software engineering

    * data mining

    * business analysts

    * systems analysts

    * medical informatics/EH

    * physician assistant

    * nurse practitioner

    * dentistry

    * allied health

    * business - finance, accounting, administration

    * software security

    * mechanical engineering - specialize in CONTROLS with software programming and CAD

    * environmental engineering

    AVOID: psychology, philosophy, general humanities, law, a science major by itself (e.g physics, chemistry) etc.

    As for ASU, it's a large university so you can find a social network that suits your personal background in politics, religion, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. Go Sun Devils!!!!

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