My backpack was stolen, what can I do?

I was out skating (longboarding) all day and left my backpack at the top of the hill (which I do all the time). I came up switched my wheels and decited to take one more run down this small hill, when I came back up, it was f****** gone, some *** hole took it. It had all my wheels and my friends trucks (brand new Liam Morgan blood orange, new abec 11 freerides, new seismic bootlegs, new orangutang in heat, new rad release, new rad advantage, brand new butterballs.) is there anything I can do about it? Please help

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  • 6 years ago
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    Did you file a police report? Not sure what the stuff is worth, but do you have homeowners insurance or renters insurance (may be below deductible and not worth filing a claim). Keep an eye on craigslist and ebay to see if someone tries to sell it.

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