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NBA 5-on-5 (90's Only) Street First Round Tournament: Who would win the first round?

1. Bulls: (G: Michael Jordan, F: Scottie Pippen, F/C: Horace Grant, F: Toni Kukoc & G: B.J. Armstrong)


16. Hawks (F: Dominique Wilkins, G: Spud Webb, G: Mookie Blaylock, C: Dikembe Mutombo, F: Kevin Willis)

2. Rockets (C: Hakeem Olajuwon, F: Otis Thorpe, G: Kenny Smith, F: Vernon Maxwell & F: Robert Horry)


15. Celtics (F: Larry Bird, F: Antonie Walker, G: Dee Brown, G: Dana Barros & C: Robert Parish)

3. Spurs (C: David Robinson, F: Tim Duncan, F: Sean Elliott, G: Vinny DeNegro & G: Avery Johnson)


14. Cavs (C: Brad Daugherty, G: Mark Price, F: Larry Nance, F: Tyrone Hill, & G: Craig Ehlo)

4. Pistons (G: Isiah Thomas, G: Joe Dumars, F: Grant Hill, F: Dennis Rodman & C: Bill Laimbeer)


13. Heat (F/C: Alonzo Mourning, G: Tim Hardaway, F: Glen Rice, G: Steve Smith & C: Rony Seikaly)

5. Jazz (F: Karl Malone, G: John Stockton, G: Jeff Hornacek, C: Greg Ostertag & F: Bryon Russell)


12. Pacers (G: Reggie Miller, C: Rik Smits, F: Chuck Persons, F/C: Dale Davis & G: Mark Jackson)

6. Sonics (G: Gary Payton, F: Shawn Kemp, F/C: Vin Baker, F: Detlef Schrempf & G/F: Nate McMillan)


11. Knicks (C: Patrick Ewing, F: Charles Oakley, G: John Starks, G: Allan Houston & G/F: Latrell Sprewell)

7. Lakers (G: Magic Johnson, F/G: Eddie Jones, C: Vlade Divac, F: James Worthy & G: Kobe Bryant)


10. Blazers (G/F: Clyde Drexler, G: Terry Porter, F: Cliff Robinson C: Kevin Duckworth & F: Jerome Kersey)


8. Suns (F: Charles Barkley, G: Kevin Johnson, F/G: Dan Majerle, G: Jason Kidd & F/C: Tom Chambers)


9. Magic (C: Shaquille O'Neal, G: Penny Hardaway, G: Scott Skiles, G/F: Nick Anderson & F/C: Bo Outlaw)

Update 2:

This is the of 5-on-5 Street Basketball Tournament. All of These NBA Players in there primes. This is going to be the 90's NBA Players (90's only on this decade (1990-1999)). Tell me the winner of this first round tournament. There are 16 NBA Teams and it's going to be 21 game Basketball Street game. I have to do one player at the time not doing No doppelgänger allowed. IYO, What do you think and vote your winner. Good Luck!

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    Pistons (sadly heat are my team)




    50/50 I'll go with Magic

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    Kobe and Magic should not be on the Lakers team from the 90's,Magic played only 2 full years in the 90's,and Kobe only played 3 ,and Kobe was not a great player in the 90's,Larry Bird was also not a great player in the 90's Antonie Walker played 3 years in the 90's,So as a result this is a flawed question that I can't answer.

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    1. Bulls

    2. Rockets

    3. Spurs

    4. Pistons

    5. Jazz

    6. Sonics

    7. Lakers

    9. Magic

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    Unless history changes, the Bulls already proved they would win, because they in fact did win against those teams. Just Google those seasons and you'll find your answers. There's really nothing hypothetical about your question.

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