Are there any records of Joseph Smith having been arrested for?

fraud? Not sure if they kept records of such vile behavior those days, but Smithy seems to have pulled a fast one and gotten away with it.

He convinced people t believe a crazier and more insane version of an already insane story.

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    Table of events

    March 20, 1826 Disorderly person Disputed

    June 1830 Disorderly person Not guilty

    June 1830 Disorderly person Not guilty

    February 1837 Illegal banking and Sidney Rigdon Guilty, each fined $1000

    June 1837 Conspiracy to murder Grandison Newell Charges dismissed

    January 1838 Banking fraud Fled from Ohio to Missouri

    August 10, 1838 Threatening Judge Adam Black with Lyman Wight Grand jury hearing scheduled; no hearing held due to Smith's fleeing to Illinois

    November 12, 1838 Treason against Missouri with Lyman Wight, Hyrum Smith, Alexander McRay, Caleb Baldwin Escaped custody and fled from Missouri to Illinois

    August 1842 Conspiracy to murder Gov. Boggs with Porter Rockwell In hiding from Aug 10 to Dec 30; surrendered and was freed by US District Court on Jan 2, 1843

    June 6, 1843 Treason against Missouri Daviess County Grand Jury Illinois courts rejected Missouri's requests for extradition

    May 1844 Perjury, fornication and adultery Hancock County Grand Jury Trial scheduled; Smith was killed before trial was held

    June 11, 1844 Inciting a riot with Samuel Bennett, John Taylor, William W. Phelps, Hyrum Smith, John P. Greene, Stephen Perry, Dimick B. Huntington, Jonathan Dunham, Stephen Markham, William Edwards, Jonathan Holmes, Jesse P. Harmon, John Lytle, Joseph W. Coolidge, Harvey D. Redfield, Porter Rockwell, and Levi Richards Granted $500 bail; Smith was killed before trial was held

    June 24, 1844 Treason against Illinois with Hyrum Smith Killed by a mob awaiting trial

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