Question for Mormons. Why are Mormons painting Fleur-de-lis on their driveways?


should read - a Fleur-de-lis

Update 2:

seen in Phoenix AZ

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    I could ask my brother-in-law, he's a Bishop in Scottsdale.

    But I'm 99.9% sure that it's for Boy Scouts as Mormons are strong supporters of Boy Scouts.

    Of course there is that 0.1% chance that someway in conjunction with the opening of the new temple there are some curses coming around and the destroying angel is going around killing all of the firstborn who doesn't have a Fleur-de-lis on their driveway like they did with Moses and the Pharaoh. So paint a Fleur-de-lis just in case - don't say you weren't warned!!!

    Source(s): a bit of honestly, logic, followed by sarcasm
  • rac
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    6 years ago

    They are not. I don't know where you got that idea. There is no edict to members to do anything of the sort. If some members have, it is purely a personal agenda, not general.

    Source(s): my LDS opinion
  • 6 years ago

    I ma a Mormon and I do not have a clue. What does it mean?

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