Dave Mustaine vs Kirk Hammett?

I'm not sure who's better, I'm a huge fan of both guitarists.

Metallica and Megadeth are just as awesome as each other.

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  • 6 years ago
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    It's a matter of preference really. Many can say that Dave Mustaine is better because he's great at playing fast thrashy solos with unique sounding whereas Kirk Hammett is great at slower solos and melodic sounds, but I still prefer Kirk's guitar style overall.

    However, it should be put into consideration that they both have different styles; Kirk is more melodic and has studied the blues and incorporates it within his solo work whereas Dave is more "sharp" with his solos.

    I think both are good guitarists, just like you said, but Kirk's guitar style is more advanced in my opinion as he is capable of pulling off complex riffs & solos, and work his guitar insanely like a maniac xD So, for me it's Kirk without a doubt because his riffs & solos are amazing, although I still respect Dave's guitar work. Fact: Jimi Hendrix taught guitar to Joe Satriani and Joe taught Kirk how to play guitar well. I guess that proves something.

    I don't care what other people say about my answer because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These kinds of questions will always get judgemental answers, "thumbs down", etc. Rather immature behaviour. I have expressed what I think and if people don't like it then good for them, they can choke on their ignorance if they think they're so "clever" and "music-orientated".

  • Lol at the previous answer. NOTHING that Kirk has done has been more complex or advanced compared to Mustaine. Honestly, I feel that Hetfield is even a better guitarist than Hammett. Rhythmically and melodically speaking, Mustaine covers so much more ground than Hammett has. I like Metallica better, but Megadeth has had the better musicians for the most part.

    @Combat Poopeater: I don't *think* I'm "clever and music-orientated (it's actually oriented, by the way; orientated is a false back-formation)." I am. I've been a musician for many years, and my studies tell me that your opinion is not the case, and I have the right to express my thoughts on your opinion as well as anything else I feel I should add. That absolutely doesn't mean I don't think you have a right to your own opinion (because you do), but if you really think that it's immature to disagree with someone and think differently, then you should keep those opinions to yourself until you grow a pair of balls and learn to spar. Telling me that I'm immature and that I can choke on my own ignorance will do nothing because those things are neither creative nor accurate.

    Remember that the question asked about whom the better guitarist is. Knowing that preferences are inherently subjective, the only objective side of this is the level of technicality exhibited by both musicians, and I could show you many examples of Mustaine's playing that Hammett would not be capable of. It doesn't matter whether Hendrix taught Joe or Joe taught Jack or whatever. You don't have to prefer a guitar player because he's "better", because Lord knows that I could probably name 50 guitarists off the top of my head who are "better" than the ones we're talking about.

  • 6 years ago

    Kirk Hammett. Dave Mustaine is a good rhythm guitar player. His band has had so many line up changes. Metallica switched bass players. And Megadeth is a revenge band for Dave Mustaine being kicked out of Metallica. You bruahs mirin? Why you mad?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I'm basing this answer strictly on guitar-playing. Kirk Hammett

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  • 6 years ago

    I love both groups the same but I like Dave Mustaine better

  • 6 years ago

    Kirk is an amateur and he can't even play fast and complex solos. Dave is clearly the better guitarist as he plays both complex and fast solos.

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