What college major should I choose?

I am an undecided freshman at Drexel University.

I like numbers and puzzles. I don't like science, besides physics a little bit, kinematics and the like. I like trying to find the best price for things online like hotel, air fares, or anything else I need to buy. I like to plan. I like to make my schedule for each term as I feel it is just a big puzzle I need to figure out to meet my requirements i.e. no class on Fridays or after 3 pm. I also don't like to write. I am much more a doer. I like to organize things as well till they are perfect.

So in conclusion are there any college majors out there that involve, planning, organizing, or puzzle-solving?

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    5 years ago
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    For clarification, you do not have to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year in college.

    Yes, there are college majors that incorporate your interests. Consider a major in statistics, mathematics, accounting, civil engineering, environmental engineering, or electrical engineering.

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  • 5 years ago

    Choosing a major? See http://bitly.com/1kXtY4w .

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