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People who like modern music: You do realize none of your music will ever be able to stand up to classic legends, right?

you know, REAL artists like aretha franklin and johnny cash and merle haggard and the beatles and queen and black sabbath and rush and pink floyd and michael jackson and the temptations and ac/dc and van halen and the jackson 5 and chuck berry and elvis presley and bob dylan, right? those artists wrote their songs to be remembered forever while today's artists only care about money

name me ONE modern artist who will be remembered 50 years from now. ONE. can't name any? well, that's cuz they SUCK! and you know it and you're in denial and don't want to listen to REAL music.

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    No modern music is good? Have you heard all of it? I'd agree that the 60's/70's was one of the best eras musicwise, but take a look at the old billboard charts from that era, and you'll see that even then, the charts were dominated by fluffy pop songs. The main difference is that we've had several decades now to forget about all the crap that was popular then (how often do you hear about Herman's Hermits or The Monkees or The Archies nowadays?)

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    Dude, relax! It's not a big deal. I hope you do realize that Black Sabbath and AC/DC are still releasing music, and it's still good. Listen to 13 (the album) by Black Sabbath and AC/DC's new album coming up. If you enjoy them both, then you can't say that you hate ALL modern music. If you hate them both, then it is obvious that you are only paying attention to what freaking year the song came out and not if it sounds good or not, which is really ignorant.

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    Maybe if you didn't just look at ejat the media is showing you as music and what is being popularized or seeing all over the Internet... You just might find great music.. Great music is not within the realm of what they play on the radio every 5 other songs.. It's called going deeper.. Digging through.. Old music is not the only good say that is foolish. Old classic music is great but to say that all old music is great classics is also foolish.. Not every old band or singer was great.

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    I hate basically every song that is on the iTunes top 200 songs list. The music I like isn't even popular. It's not that strange dub step, or overrated (in my opinion) Ariana Grande. Everybody at my school does't listen to it either. What justine said is basically what i think.

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    And you search for new Radio?? Radio went corporate years ago, your not going to find the gems of this era using that old technology. Those of us that do know music (apparently you don't) know better.

    Those that search itunes and other mass media types are just wasting their time (tied to corporations). Music fanatics like me learn how to find great music because we know that the internet is a lot more than just porn and facebook. Don't you wish you knew how?

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    But the baby boomers' parents said the same things about all those guys. They told us only Sinatra and the big bands would be remembered.

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    Green Day

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    Ever hear of the likes of Two Steps From Hell & Steel Panther?

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    The people you named ain't got nothing on my boy Beethoven.

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    Radiohead *drops mic*

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