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How do I get through work?

I am one of five managers at my job. There is one store manager, one assistant and three key holders. There used to be two but recently we hired a third. She is causing so many problems. She is constantly complaining about sales associates helping customers and making up stories about the store and assistant managers, who happen to not believe me or the other key holder. She does not do any work whatsoever and she always gets praised by the store and assistant manager. The sales associates complain about her as well. I used to be very close to the store manager but lately we have drifted because I have a problem working with this girl and she doesn't because the girl is amazing when it is the store and assistant manager. I work extremely hard and it's never good enough, but this girl could do one minor little thing and it's fantastic.

How do I get through this?

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    Keep quiet, do your job really well, and keep good records. These sorts of people usually self implode at some point. If she's really incompetent as you describe, the illusion can't be maintained for very long. Problem is when they go down, people like her try to spread the blame around. Keep your act neat and clean, and quietly enjoy the carnage.

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