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Looking for good fantasy/sifi books!?

I love everything fantasy, sifi and mythical and I'm a sucker for a good book with Dragons, werewolves, all kinda shapeshifters... You name it. Trying to finish up the Mercy Thompson series right now. A little romance is fine with me as long as it isn't all smut like 50 Shades xD lol. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Brownie points to anyone who recommends a dragon book... Hell any kind of shapeshifter book would be awesome to. :3

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    Hounded – Kevin Hearne

    Spider’s Bite – Jennifer Estep

    Nightlife – Rob Thurman

    Dead Witch Walking – Kim Harrison

    Kitty and the Midnight Hour – Carrie Vaughn

    Storm Born – Richelle Mead

    Bitten – Kelley Armstrong

    Full Moon Rising – Keri Arthur

    Stray – Rachel Vincent

    Howling at the Moon – Karen McInerney

    Rosemary and Rue – Seanan McGuire

    Nightshade - Andrea Cremer

    Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

    Rampant – Diana Peterfreund

    Hemlock – Kathleen Peacock

    Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce

    Code of the Wolf – Susan Krinard

    Dark Moon – Lori Handeland

    Claire de Lune – Christine Johnson

    The Keepers - Heather Graham

    Destiny Kills - Keri Arthur (the last good dragon book I read)

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      Ooooh these sound interesting :3 I'll take a look at these when I have a moment. Thank you for the recommendations.

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    Gene Wolfe's The Fifth Head of Cerberus has shapeshifters.

    "Far out from Earth, two sister planets, Saint Anne and Saint Croix, circle each other in an eternal dance. It is said a race of shapeshifters once lived here, only to perish when men came. But one man believes they can still be found, somewhere in the back of the beyond.

    In The Fifth Head of Cerberus, Wolfe skillfully interweaves three bizarre tales to create a mesmerizing pattern: the harrowing account of the son of a mad genius who discovers his hideous heritage; a young man's mythic dreamquest for his darker half; the bizarre chronicle of a scientists' nightmarish imprisonment. Like an intricate, braided knot, the pattern at last unfolds to reveal astonishing truths about this strange and savage alien landscape."


    China Mieville's Perdido Street Station has some of the elements that you seek:

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    There's this series called "NightWorld" by L.J Smith which has witches to Werewolves to shapeshifters, it's really good!

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    Paula Kennedy has a new book out Keeper of the Gate which is pretty awesome

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    a song of fire and ice series

    gregor the overlander series

    eragon series

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    harry potter

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      Eh sorry, no Twilight for me. I usually love vampires but... Not the glittery kind. Thanks for the recommendation though!

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