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Stop an ACH debit from charging my account?

So, I'm really ashamed of doing this, but I was looking a porn and I was on one of those websites that want you to pay to access them, and I saw it had a 1 day free trial, so I was like, sure, I'll do a 1 day free trial and then cancel it. I didn't have my debit card on me at the moment, but I have a check, so I used it to sign up. I signed through some website called They sent me an email, but now that I see that the free trial was really bad and stupid, I literally tried to cancel the free membership 10 minutes later so they didn't charge me for a whole month. However, the cancelling form on their website is broken and I have a feeling that they are currrently scamming me out of my money and that they stole my account info, and they probably aren't going to cancel that auto-renew. I even sent them an email, but they haven't replied. I'm hoping they will reply, but just in case, is there a way I can stop an ACH debit from happening on my account? I don't even barely have any money on my account, and not enough to pay what they're going to charge. I don't want to be charged an overdraft fee by the bank either. I'm only 17 and I don't make any money, I don't have a job currently. Please help me!

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    If you cannot get in touch with anyone from the website, and their automated process is down, you're probably going to have to bite the bullet a little bit on this one. It depends a little bit on the bank what they will be willing to do for you, but you should contact customer service immediately and see if they can refuse to process the ACH transaction (unlikely since that process is almost completely automated, but you never know). Worst case scenario, you should just close the account with your bank. Tell them that you suspect that your account information is being used fraudulently. If they are worth anything at all as a bank, they'll close your account, and transfer everything over to a new account for you. Make sure you mention that you are closing it for a suspected fraud risk though, that should ensure they completely deny any transactions that attempt to post to the closed account after you have closed it.

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    Go to your bank, and cancel your account, and open a new account.

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