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LaGuardia And Frank Sinatra Questions?

okay so I just auditioned for Frank Sinatra and I have to tell you, I dont think I did as well as I could have. I was super nervous and the piano was so louddd!!! I was shaky, maybe breathy, and I just really hope that they like my accomplishments(I won 2nd place for American Protege and Golden Key Festival) and my grades. Anyways, my questions for Frank Sinatra are:

1-When do i get my results back?

2-Is it a good school?

3-is it fun?

4-how big are they on the opera section?

5-I sang opera and i have those achievements. Think I can get in?

I am going to audition for LaGuardia soon

1-TIPS?? how should i act? professional?happy? Energetic? serious?

2-I am Singing the Sun Whose Rays in OPERA

3-how big are they in opera?

4-DO u go there?do ya like it??

5- is it fun?

6- Dangerous area?

7- how are the academic classes?

8- Do u think I will get in? Search me up on Youtube: Dreamscometrue116

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    My daughter just graduated from Laguardia last June. She also got into Frank Sinatra, which was her first choice for a non-specialized school. My younger daughter is now applying to high school and has auditioned for Laguardia. Her audition for Sinatra is later this month.

    Laguardia is a good school, but it's not perfect. The arts training is fantastic! That is the best thing about it. The academic classes are mostly quite good, but there are a few lousy teachers, which is true of most good schools. My one complaint is that the school tends to teach too much towards standardized tests and doesn't emphasize writing enough. In fact, I'm quite disturbed by the fact that my daughter had so few opportunities to write at length. I am not certain that this prepares a student properly for college level writing. However, colleges like Laguardia students! When my daughter applied to college, almost every admissions officer was very impressed by the fact that my daughter attended Laguardia. You could see that this helped with admission.

    While I thought highly of Sinatra at one time, I've heard some disturbing things, as we got ready for my younger daughter to apply to this school. I've heard that there were cutbacks in the language department, for example. I always knew that they only offered one language - Spanish. That's okay, I could live with there being no choice about which language to take. But now I hear that they no longer offer more than 2 years of a language. Furthermore, if you took a language in middle school, you only get ONE year of Spanish!!! I think that's terrible! I've also heard that there are almost no academic electives, and that the AP and honors classes are only offered before the regular school day begins, so that kids who come from far away (like my daughter) would have to be waking up at 5 in the morning in order to take any advanced classes! That's ridiculous!

    Truthfully, I'm not sure my younger daughter is going to apply now, even though my older daughter liked it so much. (My 2 kids are different and have different needs in a high school, so this makes more sense than it sounds.)

    You should think carefully about what you want to get out of high school as you fill out your application. Decide what your needs are and then decide whether Sinatra fills your needs. (You don't have to do this with Laguardia, because it's a specialized school. You won't have to decide anything about Laguardia till March, when you'll find out where you got in. If you get into Laguardia, then you can make a decision about that school as well.)

    Oh, BTW, Laguardia is in a VERY safe area! Expensive and safe. (My daughter had trouble getting an after school snack everyday because everything was so expensive there!)

    And yes, they have a big opera program. There is an opera performance every spring.

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