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what do you think about the song, Jesus of Suburbia ?

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    "Jesus of Suburbia" is ten minute long suite by Green Day and he protaganist in Green Day's 2004 album "American Idiot" which is a concept album. JOS is a representation of everything the typical American outcasted youth is. He does drugs ("and Mary Jane to keep me insane, while doing someone else's cocaine") and drinks ("to fall in love and fall in debt, to alcohol and cigarettes") He's depressed, unloved and hates his Mom (and his step-dad, Brad). It is an unstructured song written with no verse chorus verse template to guide it.

    Jesus hates his town and the people in it, and has no care for anything at all. Later in the song bearing his name, in "Dearly Beloved" we see that Jesus is a quite poetic and cynnical guy. Jesus then leaves his home in the suburbs to go to the city. There he meets St. Jimmy, and his love interest which we only know as Whatsername. St. Jimmy is revealed to be a figment of JOS's imagination, constructed by him to protect Jesus from his weak self (almost like the wall in Pink Floyd's 'the Wall'). St. Jimmy "commits suicide" which leaves Jesus to face the facts after Whatsername leaves him, and grows up. Jesus gets a job, gives up drinking and such, and begins going insane. He then returns home with his friends and loses contact with Whatsername.

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