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R asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 7 years ago

When I push john in his stroller the force of my push acts along the handle which is at a 50 degree angle to the horizontal.?

If John & the stroller have a mass of 25 kg, and the stroller is essentially frictionless, (a) how hard do I need to push on the handle to accelerate the stroller from rest to 1.3 m/s in 2 seconds? (b) What is the normal force on the stroller during this acceleration?

Draw the free body diagram for the Atwood machine and solve for the tension on each mass.

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  • Whome
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    7 years ago
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    if we assume constant acceleration on the stroller on a horizontal surface.

    a = Δv / t

    a = (1.3 - 0) / 2.0

    a = 0.65 m/s²

    If F is the pushing force on the handle

    F = ma

    Fcos50 = 25(0.65)

    F = 25 N

    The normal force of the ground on the stroller will be the weight of the stroller plus the vertical component of the applied force

    Fn = mg + Fsinθ

    Fn = 25(9.8) + 25sin50

    Fn = 264 N

    There is no information available to make an attempt at drawing an Atwood machine FBD.

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