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Agree or Disagree? Assisted suicide should be available for the mentally ill since their Illness will cause them to live the remaining years?

of their life in pain & suffering.

Physician-assisted suicide in the United States is legal in the states of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, & New Mexico.

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    One of the restrictions of assisted suicide is that the person making application to do it has to be mentally capable of making the decision. There is usually also a visit or two with a psychologist who can attest to the person's ability to make the decision. Assisted suicide doesn't mean you can just kill yourself or get a friend to poison you or blow your brains out. "Assisted suicide" is "medically assisted suicide". It means that a member of the medical profession can help you along by prescribing the medication you need to do it and by instructing you in how to use the medication. Since most doctors don't want to be prosecuted for manslaughter or murder, there are checks in place to filter out those who need something besides the permanency of death to help them deal with their lives.

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    By definition, mentally ill people cannot make rational decisions.

    In fact, most suicidal people are clinically depressed and if the depression is treated the suicidal tendencies go away.

    With love in Christ.

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    The mental are incapable of making such an ungodly wasteful decision. Your logic was present in the 3rd Reich. Think on that.

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