Is this enough to get a full ride to any of the listed colleges?

-Penn State





-West Chester

I'm a freshman (I'm thinking far ahead I know) and I'm trying to create a stable path for myself to get a full ride. I go to a relatively failing school. Only 50% or so graduate. I also don't come from a very economically stable family. So I'm going to list all of my classes, extra curriculars, and test scores.

Classes I'm taking this year-

I use block scheduling so the classes are split in semester.

Honors English 1.

Algebra 2 college prep. (I'm the only freshman)

Honors World History 1

Honors Natural Science

Honors Psychology.

Computer Programming. (Only freshman)

Journalism 1.


Latin 1.

Extra Curriculars-

Scott's Hi-Q official team. (If you're from a certain place that has Hi-Q, you know you have to be extremely gifted to make the team and it is a very prestigious program. I'm also the only freshman)

J-V Boys Soccer.

School Newspaper.

Student Council member.

Test Scores and GPA-

Weighted GPA- 3.95

Unweighted GPA- 3.75

Keystones and State Standardized tests- All advances in the uppermost region. Usually the best in class.

Other info-

My school counseler explained that if I stay on this track I'll be Valedictorian.

I volunteer coach a neighborhood boys soccer team.

I am apart of Young Life.

What I'm really asking is that given where I am standing now, and the school I go to, which colleges do you think I can get a full ride/really good scholarship.

Thank you.

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    While you are doing well, full scholarships are easier to obtain from lower end universities. This is because we want to publicize such a student. I was told this by a friend of mine who is the director of a private Catholic university's tutoring center.

    If you are aiming for higher end University, your GPA is too low.

    Nevertheless, you should get a nice break if you continue to do well, but it will cost you something.

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    You are a "freshman?" Mr. Michael, you need to identify that you are a freshman student in high school. Just a tiny mistake. Full ride? I wonder what you mean by "full ride." I understand your age, your education and your "personality" based only on this statement. So, here it goes. What you are not aware of is that how you write tells more than you imagine. I am duly impressed. You have ample knowledge as to English grammar AND you apply that knowledge. The grades you report are superior. The classes you take are impressive. The only question I have is this. Why are you doubting your academic record? You must be a the top of your class and if you take the time to check who was admitted to, let us say Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, you will know that the class admitted last September as freshmen students has a high number of top five percent and top ten percent of high school graduates plus they also have high scores in the ACT and SAT. Here is my recommendation. Asking strangers online as to your "chances" as to specific universities is futile, inane and not wise. Why? Because we have no clue and, furthermore, you have no idea who is answering to you. Pooky, whomever this person might be, says your GPA is "too low." Really? Almost perfect is "too low?" See what I mean? For proper academic advise and counsel you need to rely only on teachers and parents. This is way too early to be focusing in university admissions. Focus on your academic work and since that is THE only thing you can do, then that is what you must do. I have one recommendation. You need to apply to the National Honor Society or National Scholastic Aptitude society or whatever is out there that recognizes superior high school students. This is a rather important achievement to seek. It can open huge doors for you. I have one last concern. You seem focused on the "full ride" which I take it must mean scholarship. That is wrong goal. The goal is to focus on a career, a work destination, for without that, why go to college for? So many with excellent high school grades flunk because they do not have a goal. You have time. But you must make a choice. Good luck.

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    Full rides are rare. Probably it is not enough.

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