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Do people still like "traditional" baby names?

I am due on December 5 with our second son, and it occurred to be that people may not like our naming style. No, I'm not changing our thoughts on names because of people on here, but I recently received a message from a user saying that Jason Shepard (our firstborn) is a terrible name and that I shouldn't be using his picture on social media. I have also received numerous answers saying that names like Jason, Samuel, and Thomas are too "boring and traditional."

I'm just wondering why this is. Any insight?


Sophia E.

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    Traditional names are timeless and strong, and most of them age well throughout a kid's life. I can picture a Jason, or a Samuel or a Thomas from any age, but with names as Jayden or Skyler I only can picture a five or six years-old boy. I think nowadays parents try desperately to give their children unique names, but they just came up with horrible things like Nevaeh or Camryn...

    Most of my favorite names are "traditional": Zachary, Nathaniel, Elijah, Gregory... But I still love them because they don't have the need to spell their names all the time, not like all the Ashleigh, Kylee, Vyktoria... I feel sorry for them.

    Talking about Jason Shepard, I think is a nice name. Not just because Jason is a good name, also because of the story about how you chose name him. Probably I wouldn't use Shepard, but it has a strong meaning for you and your husband and people don't use everyday their middle names, and he can give a very good explanation about his. Your boy should be proud of his full name. Anyway, your kid is already named, there is no reason for people to complain about his name, you're not going to change it.

    And I think there's nothing wrong with putting his picture here. What is wrong is stealing it and using it without your permission.

    I hope you'll chose a name you love, despite all the stupid opinions. If you like Samuel, or Thomas, or Andrew, go with them. The baby will be yours, and I'm sure he will me greatful to be called Sam or Tom instead of Kay'den.

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      After posting this question and reading your answer, I honestly feel better. I guess I just got sensitive that people could be so judgmental to a 9 year old boy's picture and name. Thank you very much for your time and opinions!

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    Well I agree you shouldn't be posting your son's picture on here to strangers, especially with his full name.. I love the name Jason Shepard.. He's already named though so I don't see why that matters on his name, it's not going to change.. I love the name Jason and Samuel, I'm not a fan of Thomas. Everyone has different naming styles.

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    Jason, Thomas and Samuel been around for a very long time.

    A lot of trendy names will age some children.

    Some names go in and out of style, some names are always around.

    Last year Jason was 79 out of the top 1000 boys name

    Jason been in the top 1000 boys names since 1880, except the year 1899. Jason been a top 100 name 1966 to 2013. There is nothing wrong with the name Jason

    Thomas is a top 100 name from 1880 to 2013. There is nothing wrong with the name Thomas. It's one of my favorite names.

    Tommy is so cute for a little boy.

    Samuel, a top 100 name from 1880 to 2013. There is nothing wrong with Samuel. It was 25 last year.

    There is nothing wrong with timeless names.

    That person who said something about your son is a jerk

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    I love traditional names! And Jason Shepard is adorable! The person who said it was awful was probably just jealous that they didn't/couldn't use it :)

    To be honest, many of the names people seem to be naming their kids today are awful. Parents are trying way too hard to be unique, and it's just not working. if anything, it's just plain embarrassing.

    I like some modern names too, but many of them are just awkward to have to spell... I feel sorry for the teachers who have to try to call out all these unusual names on the attendance roll in 5 years time!

    I've listed some names I love below, to show you what I mean :)


    - Sophia Nicole

    - Ariana Elizabeth

    - Isabelle Rose

    - Savannah Hope


    - Noah James

    - Mason Alexander

    - Charles Mason (Charlie)

    Hope this helped! xx

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    I love the traditional names! IMO they are not used enough anymore because we have all these "teen mom" names going around...Blakely, Kaylee, Oakley, Harper,...people coming up with names that are just so way out there and don't make any sense at all. Or giving little girls boys names and misspelling them on purpose to make them look feminine...Jordan/Jordyn, Avery/Avri, Ryan/Rion, Evan/'s terrible!! I'm all open for new names but some people go over the example of that would be the word Heaven, spelled backwards Nevaeh, and called a name. We can do that with any old word...Let's pick a word...Stupid...spell it backwards and name a child that!! Diputs. Baby Diputs!!

    I love, love, love names like Caroline, Sylvia, Penelope, Cassandra, Sarah, James William, Isaac, or Noah.

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    When it comes to Jason, Samuel and Thomas - they are all hearty, strong, classical choices. But they are also all overused, standard, predictable and plain. There's nothing wrong with common names and, indeed, I have a lot of respect for them, but when I see and hear the same names over and over and over again, as time goes on they very quickly begin to lose their appeal - and such is the case of the aforementioned three.

    It's especially frustrating to note that girls are unearthing all these great and exciting choices, e.g. - Aria, Sylvie, Theodora etc., whereas boys seem to be stuck with a short list of 'timeless' (usually Biblical) names like Jason, Samuel and Thomas, which have been overdone and watered-down for centuries!

    Again, there's nothing wrong with these types of classics but, in my personal opinion, the excessive repetition of their use has grown to be quite tiresome over the years. And with so many traditional boy names that have slipped through the gaps of time - Sylvester, Virgil, Lucius, Finnian, Quincy, Batholomew, Ulysses etc. - no one can fault me (or others) from wishing to see some decent diversity in the baby boy name pool. But that doesn't give anyone the right to demand that you favour said same out-of-the-box names.

    Now, having said all that - there's nothing wrong with your sons name, and there's nothing wrong with using his picture. What you have to realise is that at least 50% of the users on here are young teenagers (and fools), who tend to cater to misspelled, horribly made up and gender-inappropriate names.

    In short, they have neither the intelligence nor the good naming styles required to criticise a properly spelled and traditional name like your son's. But they're going to complain anyway because they've got too much time on their hands. So the best thing to do is to ignore them and move on since they're really not worth your time. Or at least, that's what I do...

    Hope this answer helped!

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    Yes, many people like traditional names. I like my name; it's very traditional. I know a few who have names that are no longer "cool", like Brandi. I also like more modern-day names. Blending the two often provides a pleasing outcome. I do think that it could prove unkind for the whole world to have access to all of one's potentially embarrassing moments. Be mindful of a potential partner or employer coming across such material. Children are too young to give consent.

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    Yeah people do still like them. Also the thing about your son Jason--that's ridiculous, ofcourse you can use his photograph and Jason is a lovely name.

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    I love traditional names. Most are very handsome/beautiful and age well throughout a person's life. All these odd trendy names are going to sound stupid when these kids become middle aged.

  • Char
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    Jason is a perfect name and so is shepard.

    Don't listen to negative people

    They are angry and nasty and taking their anger out on nice people like you.

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