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Who thinks once Cain Velasquez beats Fabricio Werdum in 2015 since Werdum will beat Mark Hunt this year, Cain should just move down to 205?


He's beaten everybody at heavyweight but Werdum and Cain will destroy Werdum and all the heavyweights suck, so Cain should go down to 205 to fight Jon Jones in late 2016 and then retire, whether he wins or loses.

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    I think he easily could, given his size. However, you may or may not know that Cain is good friends and training partners with Daniel Cormier, who is already scheduled to fight Jones for the championship. If Cormier wins, then Cain will have to fight him, which neither wants to do. This is also one of the reasons why Cormier moved to light-heavyweight from heavyweight. In addition, Cain possesses a huge speed and endurance advantage at heavyweight, which would be diminished if he dropped a weight class.

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