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NFL: The IOC welcomes NFL Football to Olympics! Who do you assemble?

NFL fans,

PREMISE: International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach, sends official contact to NFL Commissioner on November 15, 2014, with gold leaf letter stating:

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Attn: Roger Stokoe Goodell NFL Commissioner,

Please assemble your league's best for the inaugural inclusion of North American Football (ie: NFL Football) to the Olympic Games.

We, the International Olympic Committee, do hereby proclaim your league's sport as a member of the Olympic Games! Your nation should do your sport proud! The world will also assemble their athletes per your league rules and positions for your sport, to compete beginning in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil 2016.


Thomas Bach, President IOC.

The 1 question:

Q 1. With the IOC stating one rule for (NFL) Football that each team is allotted one (1) substitute:

WHO DO YOU PUT ON TEAM USA FOR DEFENSE & OFFENSE? *feel free to list as complete a roster as you want.

Source: IOC & NFL

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    it will not work the Olympics do not last long enough to have a tournament that would fit in the schedule, plus not enough countries play the sport.

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    Just so there's no confusion, American football will not an Olympic sport in 2016. The list of sports for Rio is already set, and it does not include American football. Here's the list:

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    I would say:

    QB - Brady (P. Manning, sub)

    RB - Lynch (R. Bush, sub)

    TE - Gronkowski , etc, etc.

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