What it American's role in imperialism during late 1890s and early 1900s? Websites would help too!!?

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    America doesn't fit the text book definition of an "Imperialist" country like the eight in Europe before WW II.

    Imperialism is when one country occupies other countries. Though it looks a political thing with it ruling over them, controlling their Economies is the essence of Imperialism. It happened in the case of the thirteen colonies of the proto-state of USA though the taxes is at the root. But, for running a state taxation is needed & conducting wars it is needed even more & the denizens of the thirteen states (ignore for a while, the altruistic reasons dished out) wanted to escape the primary responsibility or duty while only exercising their primary rights with great assertion. This mentality stays today even. England cast in the classical Imperial mould, for its part didn't take the denizens in confidence by suitable legislation & who, more than anything else (unlike in their other Imperial possessions) were their kith & kin. Perhaps this is reason enough (though the French played their negative role; whereas in India at the same time doing the same thing of preventing British Empire they were wiped out completely - remember Cornwallis served in India with thumping success before he entered North American military scene & made a mess of his career) for the Americans to go for it - establishing a country. England never replicated this kid-glove treatment to their subject nations elsewhere.

    It is as if the English (by then it has become British) people have two countries - one a stale monarchy in the British Isles & another a republic in America that is fast growing. Pith of American Nation has always been White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism. America was a dyed-in-the-wool "anti-Imperialist country" that worn (in American own view) like a dead Albatross across its neck. Roman Imperialism is the model for the American State.

    Then began the American Imperialism by stealth in North America (JL Nehru: “Glimpses of World History”) that is like none else in its usurpation of others’ lands. The native Americans (Americans call them Indians) were not accorded the status of a “Subject” people that normally the British would. Greed for land was the only guiding principle & not the Life on it whether humans or buffalo. Thus was the westward expansion till Pacific went apace. One might debate for all time to come whether the Mexican Wars were Imperialist in nature or content or both. Their old adversary, the British, stalled their northward march & provided a Geo-political counterweight to the north, which America was obliged to accommodate.

    As a nation it differs from the others in many more ways. In fact, it can’t be judged by the contemporary definition of the term except that they called them so (“A nation is one that calls itself so”). Pressed hard for pairs of hands to work the nascent nation it threw its gates open for more WASP people & later to many European Whites from the Arlantic to Urals.. There were many shortages like manure for the farms that were added by a million acres every year; and all that human manure just didn’t suffice. My nephew told this – may be as a joke. It seems the human manure was imported from Europe where it was abundant, by cargo ships. In encrusted form in the hold it was OK but when the sea spray & waves splashed on it, the stench was unbearable & inescapable (can’t jump in to the Ocean). An intelligent cargo handler - Captain posted these words : “Stock High In Transit”, the acronym has become the most favourite epithet there.

    The next stage in man-power expansion & management was the entry of the African Blacks, though not as equals but as chattel on par with the cattle.

    The only instance when America cast itself in Imperial colours was when it ruled the Philippines that is a small area, one can’t eliminate a big population. So, in the two Wars which in stages knocked out the bottom of Imperialism saw to it that Philippines became independent.

    However America made its anti-Imperialism a tool in its foreign policy to bring it to bear on its European allies, desisting them from further Imperial expansion. The UN was created & it earnestly worked for de-colonialisation with an implied American nod.

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    US became an imperialist power by fomenting and winning the Spanish-American War of 1898,the purpose of which was to seize existing Spanish colonies in the Americas and the Pacific.

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