Chances of getting in to Columbia?

ACT: 33

GPA: 4.49

Top 10% of class

AP Scores:

- Calc AB: 5

- Physics C: 5

- US History: 3

Attend private school in Little Rock, AR

Eagle Scout

National ISEF Science fair participant

All-State Tennis player

Nationally ranked rock climber

1,400+ hours of community service

Single parent household

(Father died in 2012 from heart attack during routine scouting venture. I had to perform CPR on him myself for I was the first to find his body and get it aboard a nearby fishing vessel.)

Only child

Low income (<45,000)

Ethnicity: White

Patented ADD Research published at Stanford

Chosen as Junior Ambassador to the city of Little Rock, AR (hometown) and therefore was flown to Newcastle, England to discuss intercontinental volunteer and demographical opportunities between the sister cities with the Newcastle legislature.

Member of Student Government

National Honor society

National Beta Club

Mu Alpha Theta

Science and Engineering club president

Proficient in Mandrine

All-Conference soccer keeper

Cousin attended Columbia

and last but not least, I play piano by ear. Play a song a few times, give me an hour and I can pick it out, give me a day and it will have the right tempo, give me a week and it will mirror the original.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Definitely apply. Although their acceptance rate is pretty low (somewhere around a 7%, I believe?) you've got the grades and extracurricular activities to make it. If I were a college admissions officer at Columbia, I can honestly say that you would catch my eye (provided that you're not lying about any of this, haha). Best of luck!

  • 6 years ago

    Maybe, but this list of stuff is almost completely irrelevant to anyone who might be considering your application for admission.

    Also, you can't say "patented ADD research", since anyone with half a brain knows you cannot patent research. You can only patent an invention. If you actually have a patent, feel free to list its patent number for any country in which the patent was issued.

    Misspelling Mandarin is not a good sign, nor is the lack of hyphen in "single-parent household", not that it matters.

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