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Best time of year to visit Thailand?

I was thinking of going to Bangkok and Phuket this August to celebrate my birthday but people keep saying between November and January is the best and it's too hot & wet in other months. However I really really wanted to celebrate my birthday there - does it really rain that much in August? Also other months I could possibly visit are April, July and the first couple weeks of September; are those better than August? There is no way I can schedule my work to go for a trip in winter, sorry :(

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    Best? Is so subjective. But, in Thailand's case some consideration has to be taken. The Wet or Monsoon season officially starts in April ends October IN GENERAL. I have visited April(5 times), May(once), July(2x times), September(Once) and November (6 times) and December(Once). I have visited in total 16 times since 2004.

    April visit maybe it rained one or two days out of 35 visiting days over the years

    May 2014, it rained one night and part of the day

    July it may have rained one day or two out of 14 days

    September I was only there 3 days and it rained one day

    November maybe 3 days out of 42 days

    December one night out of 7 days.

    As you may have guessed my average stay was 5-7 days.

    It can really depend on the weather. I have noted in prior years that August was very rainy and then this year it was somewhat rainy because the rainy or wet season did not start till the beginning of July and usually it starts at the beginning of June, heavy daily rain.

    Now, the rain to me is you can stop, sit and watch and have a drink or relax. Take a taxi to where you want to be next sit eat or drink. If the intent is getting a tan. Eh, up to you.

    Now Thailand is very close to the equator. April is usually not so hot but, April 2013, there was no overcast as was usual before and it was blistering hot and humid. July my 2 visits very hot through I think September. 34 to 40 C or 95-100+F HOT and humd.

    Go in April if you want to celebrate your birthday. It's Songkhran in Thailand, Thai new year around the Full Moon April 12-16 look it up. The kids will spray you with water and dust you with flower as a blessing. Have a ball then in Bangkok and Phuket. You may get lucky and it is hot and overcast. Or it may still be cool. I would love to celebrate my birthday there and its in August but, too darn hot. haha

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    Sept or Oct or Nov. Not all that different from December high season, other than don't have to compete with other tourists. Also plane tickets would probably be lower then. March is really inching towards April, to be avoided. I leave the country every April, return USA. We are now moving into cool/dry season so of course the rain is now here in Jomtien, where as this was one of the more dry wet seasons I can recall. You can adapt to heat btw. I avoid air con as much as I can. That will make you sick.

    Source(s): Living in Thailand since 2001
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    Best time is lowest sweat, Nov to March. Most Westerners enjoy Thailand so very much but just get so frustrated with the heat.

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