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Why is simplicity so hard to achieve?


What’s the difference between achieving simplicity and merely being simplistic?

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    Because we live in the world......"The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers........" William Wordsworth. Years ago, because I'm certifiable, I decided to bicycle alone across the United States via a route that covered 4,250 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. I had to reduce my possessions to the absolute minimum. I traveled with virtually nothing. My principal concern for 64 days was finding food and shelter. (I had a tent and a light weight sleeping bag). For that entire period my life was as simple as I could make it and my time frame became very slow. It would take me a day to travel the same distance a car could travel in an hour. By the time I got to Oregon and saw the Pacific, I had achieved a serenity that I have never been able to recapture. When I entered the airport and was again surrounded by civilization, I became aware of the frenzy immediately beginning to affect my acquired serenity. That's the problem with living in the world: you can't divorce your way of life from your surroundings. I suppose the only way left to truly simplify your life is to abandon civilization and seek a deserted island or, if such a place still exists, a part of the world not affected by civilization.

    The answer to your second question is simple (sorry!). Being simplistic is the same thing as being stupid. In fact, in the past saying that someone was simple was a polite way of saying they were stupid. To the contrary, achieving simplicity in this world, as I've already intimated, requires a conscious effort, self- awareness, introspection, and value judgments concerning what things are truly essential and what are superfluous. To do this is anything but simplistic.

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    Simplicity is neither achievement 2 achieve nor an ideal 2 be imposed

    ,or living poorly,in poverty; One cannot impose simplicity on oneself.

    Simplicity, means that which is simple, state of effortlessness

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    Because we ask too many questions about it.

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