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Do you like these twin baby boy names?

Daniel "Danny" and Alexander "Alex"

What do you think

I need middle names

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    I love both of those names. They're classy, handsome, age well, and have nicknames. Props to you for picking twin names that aren't matchy! Also some of the middle names I suggested for both but obviously you wouldn't use them for both haha.

    Daniel Evan.

    Daniel Ryan.

    Daniel Gavin.

    Daniel Andrew.

    Daniel Spencer.

    Daniel Thomas.

    Daniel Christopher.

    Daniel Chase.

    Daniel Joseph.

    Daniel Owen.

    Daniel Connor.

    Daniel Lucas.

    Daniel Luke.

    Daniel Benjamin.

    Daniel Bennett.

    Daniel Matthew.

    Daniel Harrison.

    Daniel William.

    Daniel David.

    Daniel Drew.

    Daniel Dylan.

    Daniel Aidan.

    Daniel Adam.

    Daniel Gregory.

    Daniel Isaiah.

    Daniel Isaac.

    Daniel Jonah.

    Daniel Nicholas.

    Alexander Samuel.

    Alexander Chase.

    Alexander Evan.

    Alexander Ryan.

    Alexander Jude.

    Alexander Nicholas.

    Alexander Brian.

    Alexander Miles.

    Alexander Michael.

    Alexander Owen.

    Alexander Lucas.

    Alexander Luke.

    Alexander William.

    Alexander Noah.

    Alexander Dylan.

    Alexander Drew.

    Alexander David.

    Alexander Leo.

    Alexander Aaron.

    Alexander Adam.

    Alexander Ashton.

    Alexander Aidan.

    Alexander Greyson.

    Alexander Kyle.

    Alexander Isaac.

    Alexander Jameson.

    Alexander Jonah.

    Alexander Joshua.

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    5 years ago

    They are very handsome.

    Daniel Joseph

    Daniel Adam

    Alexander Lucas

    Alexander Kyle

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I love these names! Very very handsome!! :)

    Daniel Joshua

    Daniel Stone

    Daniel Henry

    Alexander Michael

    Alexander Charles

    Alexander David

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    5 years ago

    Very decent

    Daniel Jordan & Alexander Morgan

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  • 5 years ago

    I don't like Daniel because it's a biblical name.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Not bad but if u want a mid name that looks good for both of em it would be hard to find one

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