What major would be best for me?

I live in Japan and in Japan you need to choose your major even before you enroll. The entrance exams are different for each department of study and not all colleges have lots of departments so I need to know what major would suit me beforehand.

I would like to:

... create a portable and affordable water filter

... help people get healthier

... solve air, land, and water pollution problems

... become resourceful and make things from things one can usually find at home

... invent / discover something useful

... help stop hunger and prevent unnecessary deaths in 3rd world countries caused by very curable illnesses

... earn more than the average person

... invent something that can diagnose a person uninvasively for a lot of illnesses within minutes. Just like what you see in sci fi movies.

These are the things I just thought of now. What do you think would suit me best? Right now, I am thinking of mechanical, biomedical, and biochemical engineering. But I'm not sure if there is biomedical and biochemical engineering in Japan.

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  • 5 years ago
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    There are many different areas in your question.

    Something like environmental engineering might suit for some of them. Medical sciences would be the subject for some of the others. You'll need to choose between those two, I guess. Something like stopping hunger is difficult - this is what's called a "poorly defined problem" - there are many causes of hunger - poverty, crop failure, war, political issues, economics, etc. Not one single problem, but rather many problems, and very situation specific.

    Regarding the salary, that depends on many factors, and its basically nothing that your undergraduate degree can guarantee.

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    • Louis Irving
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      I think you need to choose 1 problem you want to solve, then go from there. Solving these big problems are generally not something just 1 person can tackle - most problems in the real world are multidimensional. You can only tackle 1 part though - the science, or the economics, or the politics.

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  • 5 years ago

    Just to add to the previous answer, here's a page with more info on environmental engineers, http://bitly.com/14CyRVH .

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