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Surnames ending in -en or -am ?

I'm writing a book and I'm trying to come up with 2 surnames. Does anyone know surnames that end in -en or -am?

Thanks :)

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    Gilliam, as in Terry.

    Duncan,from the clan, meaning dark-haired warrior.

    Buchanan, Callahan, and Cocharan, from the clans and place names. MaClean, McGowan, McFadden, and McMillian meaning son of and used as clan names.

    Graham, as the cracker. Quite a few English place names used as last names end this way Stratham and Durham.

    Owen and Vaughan from the Welsh.

    Nolan, Ryan, Mullen, Madden, and Logan from the Irish

    Warren, Hayden, Bowen, Holden, Conrad, Bryan, Golden, Roach, Cowan, Jordan, Hickman, and Bean.

    Norman & Roman, from the places.

    Chapman, Workman, Foreman, Bowman, Newman, Goodman, Sherman, Holman, Tillman, Hartman, and Pittman from the English as well as Hoffman, Huffman, Coleman, Neuman, Kaufman, and Guzman from the German.

    Jensen, a Scandinavian/Germanic alternate to Jenson. Christiansen, Petersen, Olsen, Hansen, and Larsen in a similar way.

    Rasmussen from the Danish.

    Nguyen and Tran from Vietnam. (now fairly common in the USA)

    Cohen, a variation of the common Jewish name.

    Chan, the Chinese name.

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    Finnish names like Juvonen end in "en"

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    jason statham

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