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Can Arab girls date non-Muslim Asian guy?

I am a naturalized Chinese Canadian. Long story short, I live in B.C..I am not Muslim. I met this gril from Tunisia at the local library. She is an exchange student at a local college. We went on a date. She told me I was funny and she really liked Asian guy. She is pretty and I knew she liked me for sure, cuz of her body language. But my Saudi friend told me Muslim girls usually do not date outside of their race and religion..unless I covert to Islam. is that true? Plus I do not see any Asian guys with Arab girls in Canada. My town, many rednecks have problems with Muslims; due to the terrorist attack in Ottawa last week. I am worry about what my co-workers and friends gonna think of me; if I tell them I am dating an Arab girl and might covert to Islam.. I mean in China; it wouldn’t be a big deal; as Muslims are the largest minority.. but I think Canadians are not that open for Muslims..

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  • 6 years ago
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    Muslim girls are allowed to marry any kind of race, it's just that some arabs are kind of racist, and would want their daughters sticking to only arabs. But a muslim girl can't marry a non muslim man. But depending on how modern and liberal she is, she might not care what religion or race you are. And about the whole fearing what people think if date an arab girl, that's messed up, you shouldn't care what people think, if she's a nice girl then go for her, so what? It's not like she is the one who bombed the place. And not only that they'd be pretty ignorant if they didn't know to distinguish between muslims and extremist. Normal muslims HATE extremists btw. And if you want to convert to islam that's good, but do it 'cause you have faith in the religion not for the sake of marrying someone. Anyway I hope you make the right choice.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well, a Muslim girl can't marry a non-muslim guy, fearing their children might not embrace the Islamic religion. I personally have a Muslim girlfriend, who married a guy from china as well, I think from the Han, but he converted right before marrying her. damn I wish someone would love me so.

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