Will cars in the future have internal combustion engines?


Lets say by 2080 will cars still have ICE engines?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Predicting the future is never easy and often full of bias. Perhaps this is because we tend to read articles and ideas we know we will agree with as this reaffirms our view of the world. Too often belief is more important than knowledge.

    I would personally like to see internal combustion engines, using any fuel, phased out in favor of the far more efficient electric motors. And I think this is a fairly safe, logical prediction especially when we consider that the electricity for such a vehicle could be stored in batteries, ultracaps or flywheels. It could be made on the vehicle using solar power, a fuel cell or a hybrid internal combustion engine or it could be transmitted to the vehicle through overhead or wires buried in the streets (tuned induction.)

    But regardless of my personal interests it is wise to take into consideration opposing forces. It also seems likely that we will have hybrid vehicles based upon an ICE for some time to come. We can't expect petrochemical companies to simply give up the market for 70% of their products (transportation: land sea and air) and walk away. Petrochemical companies have been doing everything they can to delay the adaptation of electric vehicles. Their success is measured in decades lost rather than the abolition of electric vehicles. The longer they delay the transition the more product they can easily sell. (and the more profits they will make.)

    I believe that a concern for climate change, pollution, economy and efficiency will eventually speak louder than the rhetoric of the petrochemical industry. Sadly I may be mistaken. You shall see if this is the drama that unfolds throughout your life or other performers come to play their part as well.

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