Why did the jewish believe that jesus was not the messiah?

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    Because according to them, Jesus didn't fulfill the prophecies that he had to fulfil. Could this statement be further from the truth?

    The four main objections against Yeshua's messianship are these:

    1- He didn't rebuilt the temple.

    2- He didn't gather the exiled Jews from the four corners of the earth.

    3- He was not a conqueror king

    4- He didn't bring peace on the earth.

    All these objections are easy to refute, and none of them have support in the Hebrew Scriptures.

    1- There is no language in the Tanakh that speaks of the Messiah rebuilding the temple, not a single passage, except one possible passage that could be dealing with a temple being restored by the Messiah, that is Zechariah 6:13 where Joshua is a symbolic king and priest of the Branch (a term for the Messiah), who will sit on his throne and built the temple, which by the way, this passage is rejected by Jews as messianic.

    Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures is stated that the Messiah will rebuild a temple, there is no such a verse in the entire Tanakh. The prophet Isaiah lived in the time when the first temple was still standing, therefore the issue of some third temple (in such a case, he should be speaking of the second temple, the next one after the first, not about the third) being rebuilt was not one of his main issues at all, nor did he link the rebuilding of the temple with the Messiah or the messianic age. In Isaiah 2:1-4 the context speaks of the messianic age and also of a temple, but the Messiah is not even mentioned, not even the reconstruction of that temple, it only says that the mount of the house of God will be lifted up over the hills and that everyone will come to the house of God to walk in His ways (Isa 2:2-3), but it doesn’t deal with the rebuilding of the temple and much less of it being rebuilt by the Messiah.

    The prophet Jeremiah spoke about the restoration of Jerusalem, where the sounds of joy and gladness will be heard again and sacrifices will be offered again in the house of the Lord (Jer 30:10-11), but this passage has also several problems. First of all, the prophet Jeremiah prophesied in a time where the temple (the first temple) was destroyed (in 586 B.C.E), therefore this prophecy about Jerusalem being restored has nothing to do with a third temple being rebuilt by the Messiah in a far future, but it deals with the second temple, in a near future. Secondly, the restoration of Jerusalem or the concept of the house of God is not linked at all with the Messiah or the Messianic age. And thirdly, Jeremiah doesn’t even mention the temple being rebuilt, it only says that the Jews will bring sacrifices to the house of the Lord, nothing more, and there are no more mentions of a temple being restored in his book.

    Ezekiel 37:26-28, the same thing, not even a single mention of the Messiah rebuilding the temple. Regarding the vision of Ezekiel about the so called “messianic or third temple” (Eze 40-48), where he gives details and descriptions of it, it is worthy to mention that, outside of Christians and Jewish interpretations, if the temple refers to the second temple or if it is a third future temple, whatever interpretation is the accurate, nowhere in those passages the temple is linked with the Messiah. Better said, Ezekiel doesn’t even give mentions of the temple being rebuilt by anyone, but rather he gives descriptions and functions of a fully built temple (Eze 40:1).

    The same could be said about the prophets who lived during the time of the first temple, such as Hosea, Amos or Micah, none of them links the concept of the Messiah with the concept of a temple being rebuilt, or better said, their main issues were not the temple since the temple was still standing in their lifetimes.

    And even more, there are other extra- Hebrew sources that suggest that the Jews and gentiles of the first century was expecting the Messiah, meaning that they did not expect the Messiah to rebuild the temple since it was still standing.

    2- Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures the concept of “the gathering of the Jews” is linked with one of the Messiah’s roles. Great prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel prophesied about this event, but nowhere in their books this event is linked with the Messiah, the Hebrew word “Mashiach” doesn’t even appear in those contexts.

    God promised that if the Israelites disobey him, he will give them to a land they do not know, and that’s what he did with Israel in 722 B.C.E by the hands of the Assyrians and with Judah from 605 to 586 B.C.E by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon

    But it is also true that God promised that he will bring back to the holy land the Jews whom he have dispersed among the nations, but this gathering didn’t have to begin in the messianic age, when the Messiah should have come, but rather this prophecy began its fulfillment in 538 B.C.E, with the king of Persia, Cyrus, as God’s instrument, used to give a decree to the ruler Zerubbabel to go to Jerusalem with the exiles that were then living in Babylon, it continued with the decree given by Cyrus to Nehemiah in 444 B.C.E. with the second group of Jews coming back to the land of Judah.

    After being dispersed again along with the destruction of the second temple in 70 A.C for nearly two thousand years, would anyone think that God failed to fulfill his promises of gathering his people? Never! Its fulfillment continued in the twentieth century with the people of Israel returning to their land in 1948 from the diaspora, an event prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures, that Israel would become a nation in one day (Isaiah 65) and it will reach its climax, its final fulfillment, with the coming of the Messiah, where it will end with the Jews of the house of Judah and with the Jews of the house of Israel, the ten tribes, whom remained in exile, being brought back to their land.

    But the point is that the coming of the Messiah doesn’t have to be recognized with the gathering of the Jews, since the gathering of the Jews is a prophecy that is being fulfilled centuries even before of the Common Era.

    3 & 4- We both Christians and Jews agree that the Messiah had to be a King from the line of David but we disagree when the issue of the time of his reigning is touched. According to the Hebrew Scriptures the Messiah that had to come was to be a king ( Jer 23:5), this is exactly what the New Testament teaches, Jesus was the king of the Jews, the King of kings, the King that had to come riding on a donkey, humble and bringing salvation (Zec 9:9).

    Jesus could not have literally reigned and bring an era of peace since his Jewish brothers rejected him as their Messiah and King, and until the time when the people of Israel will acknowledge him as their Messiah and King he will not sit on a throne in the city of Jerusalem, nor there will be peace. Now, you may argue that how could Yeshua have been a king without kingship, but this is not something strange in the Hebrew Scriptures, the greatest king that Israel ever had (after the Messiah of course), David, was appointed as king while the kingship of Saul, he also was rejected by his people and was not acknowledged as their king, but in the sight of God, David was the legal and royal king from the time he was appointed as such.

    How could the Messiah be a reigning King since the Hebrew Scriptures also point out that the Messiah would have to suffer, die and be rejected by his people but a light to the nations(Isa 52:13-53-12), how could these two sides of the Messiah occur at the same time? They could not, primarily the Messiah had to come and deal with sin, he had to die for his people and then he would have to be highly exalted and lifted up (Isa 52:13). So, this progressive process goes like this, the Messiah first will be a humble rejected and sufferer servant coming on a donkey, then he will be an exalted and highly king coming with the cloud to rule and reign (Dan 7:13). Then there will be an universal dominion of peace where nations will not raise swords against nations, a kingdom where God himself will wipe away the tears from all faces (Isa 25:8)

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      I'm, allonyoav is famous for attacking other beliefs, and then falling down and claiming to be the victim. It is his one and only move since he has no intelligent way to explain his point of view.

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  • 5 years ago

    This is an easy question to answer. Go read Exodus Chapter 30:1-5. Moses predicts something that did not happen until after the death of Jesus.

    He talks about the Jews being scattered around the world. That never happened until after Jesus died.

    Second, he says that IF the Jews return to the laws Moses gave them they will be gathered from where they are scattered and returned to the Promised land.

    Now how can Moses have said that if he knew that Jesus would come before all that and replace the commandments he was giving?

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  • 5 years ago

    Because according to their doctrine, Jesus did not meet all the requirements of messiah as set down in the Torah.

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  • 5 years ago

    Because they thought that messiah will works for their superiority, instead he criticized corruption and wickedness of their priests. He criticized ideas of monopoly over God and Paradise. He preach for humanity and equality of races. He rejected the idea that anyone will get salvation merely because of their race without good deeds. He preached no salvation could be got on the claim of relation with God or someone els.

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    Because a lot of what the gospels say he did, didn't happen.

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    why would they believe he was?

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  • The Jewish Bible clearly tells us that the Messiah would have TWO roles to fulfill. Ancient Rabbinical writings reference this concept (although they reconcile it as two different people).

    The first thing needed was to be the suffering Messiah and take away our sin. Because if you read the scriptures, you will see clearly that sin (and it’s removal) is of great & primary importance to God. It is a common theme in the Bible. Again - most completely miss this or else they would realize that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. They only put HALF the prophecies down (Reigning Messiah) and then claim Yeshua did not fulfill them. (Ever fly on a plane with only one wing!?) But you ALSO need to look at the full picture including the other half of the prophecies. The Tanach (Jewish Bible) talks many times about a suffering servant Messiah....

    Here is the OTHER HALF of the story that you do not EVER get from them.

    According to the Jewish Tanach (Bible) Messiah would be…

    • Born in Bethlehem..... The Jewish prophet said so in Micah 5:2

    • Reach many in Galilee..... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 9:1

    • Born a descendant of David..... The Jewish prophet said so in 2 Samuel 7:12-13

    • Be a Leader like Moses.......... The Jewish prophet said so in Deuteronomy 18:18

    • Enter Jerusalem on a donkey..... The Jewish prophet said so in Zechariah 9:9

    • Arrive after King David died..... The Jewish prophet said so in 2 Samuel 7:12-13

    • A rejected man....... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 53:3

    • Die as a substitute for others..... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 53:5

    • Be pierced..................... The Jewish prophet said so in Zechariah 12:10

    • Rise from the dead...... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 53:10

    • Have followers from all nations...... The Jewish prophet said so in Daniel 7:14

    And even MORE important..............

    • Messiah was to arrive BEFORE The Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E..... See -> Daniel 9:26

    • Messiah was to have an impact on all nations..... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 49:6

    • Messiah was to ‘sprinkle’ many Nations..... The Jewish prophet said so in Isaiah 52.13 and used in Hebrew in Leviticus (Lev. 16.14) of the sprinkling of the blood of atonement.

    And this is just the start…..

    The list goes on and on,

    There is not a shadow of doubt - Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) was/is the Messiah of Israel.

    You see - True faith (the only one) that God accepts is to have repentance in ones heart for their sins.....

    1 Samuel 16: 7 “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

    AND to accept the atonement (forgiveness) that He provided only through the Messiah - Yeshua (Jesus) (see Isaiah chapter 53).....

    This is what I have done. Over 27 years ago I accepted the Messiah as my atonement and it was the BEST decision of my life. Not that every day is all roses (it’s not). But I have a peace that surpasses all the problems of this world. And when I die (as we all will), I know that I am ready for the next world (Olam Ha-Ba) because of what the Messiah has done for me.


    Jewish Dr. Michael Brown (Ph.D. NY University) has given definitive answers to virtually all traditional Jewish arguments. (I challenge all to read it.) He uses Rabbinic (Talmudic) sources and a correct interpretation of scripture that even the ancient Rabbis agreed with! (Not that they believed in Yeshua, but Dr. Brown shows they understood certain passages [including Isaiah 53] as Messianic prophecies – contrary to what you hear on Yahoo Answers from people who say “This is not a Messianic passage’).

    Read a great 5 VOLUME SET – ANSWERING JEWISH OBJECTIONS TO JESUS! (over 1,400+ pages of very scholarly research).

    It will stop EVERY Jewish unbeliever’s misinterpretations and objections based upon the solid evidence of the Hebrew text. An amazing five volume set by Dr. Michael Brown. Michael Brown holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literature from New York University. **He is the author of OVER 25 BOOKS. ** And has lectured worldwide. You can find him on YouTube as well.

    Source(s): . I am an Author and a Jewish Believer in Jesus (a Messianic Jew) for 27+ years. Grew up in a Jewish home in NYC. Both parents Jewish. Father was in in Israeli army. I have now taught about the Jewish Jesus, as a guest speaker, in 26 States across the USA.
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