Is my OC like a Mary Sue or kind like a Mary Sue? Tips?

OC is Original character.

It's my own original anime that I created btw.

Her name is Sirrenity Yunamorii.

Many other characters have name that aren't very ordinary(in my opinion) ex: Amy Aurallia

Possible Mary Sue traits

-Really pretty but not uncommonly

-Knee Length hair

-Memories of her dad abandoning her in a dark forest as a kid

-She's had bad relationship experiences

-Rare crossbreed (Bad i know)

-Princess (Bad)


Long blonde hair, with two vivid black streaks

Pink colored eyes.

She has really long eyelashes, and a pretty nice body shape. She's somewhat short and petite. She often wears clothing that goes against the norm which is a reason why people consider her weird/make fun since she wears like Japanese inspired clothes that could be considered unique and different.

Usually wears her hair down, with things like bows and flowers in it.


She's really sweet and giving. She becomes less giving is she becomes older due to people using her.

Not trusting.

She has a really deeply depressed and somewhat psychologically/emotionally unstable

side that she rarely shows and tries her best to stifle, only being showed in very severe situations.


She's childish with a daddy complex

She isn't very dependent

Kinda Clingy

insecure and emotionally unstable.


*She isn't very "Independent" my bad.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Not a Sue, but PLEASE don't make the beginner mistake of giving all he stats in the story you're writing. If the length of her hair has no plot meaning, then don't give it. The reader does not need to have a rundown on anything you listed in your post - the story is supposed to tell us about her through her actions, not a written list of her image and attributes.

    For some reason all beginner authors feel the need to explain all about their character so we all 'get the idea', but this is an amateur failing. It's 'telling not showing'. We do not need to be told everything, it has to unfold in the story and only the important stuff needs to go into the story. So don't tell us she's clingy, show us somehow. Don't tell us she has knee length hair unless it's important in the story (does it get caught in anything? Does she have to braid it?). Why make her a cross breed if it has nothing to do with anything in the story?

    The story itself will show us what we need to know about her.

  • 6 years ago

    Honestly, if I go by the description you just gave me, she sounds a lot like a Mary Sue. Staring with her name, it just sounds so...sue-ish. Like, her name is spelled somewhat uncommonly, kinda making it sound like the author did it to make her seem less generic. Of course, spelling her name differently isn't a huge problem. A lot of the qualifications to be a Mary Sue lie in her traits. Looking at the traits, she sounds too good to be true. She's perfect. She's pretty, she has a tragic past and yet she's still sweet and kind (although I do like that she's not going to stay sweet and kind). Your OC sounds Sue-ish right now, but if you change some stuff, I'm sure you'll be fine. It's all about how you write your character. If she acts like a Sue and does she stuff, she'll be treated as such. Same goes for the other way. By the way, saying that she's not that dependent but she's clingy is a contradiction. Clingy = dependent on other people. Back to the Sue, if you really want to check if

    Source(s): Your character is a Sue, take this test:
    • I mean independent sorry. Also, her looks sound unrealistic on purpose because many other characters have very unrealistic looks such as long blue hair, multicolored eyes etc.

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  • 6 years ago

    A Mary-Sue is a character that is unrealistically perfect. She's always the prettiest, the smartest, the most special etc

    As long as your character has flaws - which yours clearly does - then she's not a Sue.

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  • 6 years ago

    Not a Sue, you're fine

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