Is it true that Lil Wayne trademarked the phrase "Make It Rain"?

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  • 5 years ago
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    There are numerous owners of the trademark "MAKE IT RAIN" for various products and services, including several that even filed for the optional registration in the US federal USPTO.

    There is one that was registered for "DVDs featuring Exotic Dancers & Hip-Hop Music; Pre-recorded CD's, video tapes, laser disks and DVD's featuring Exotic Dancers & Hip-Hop Music", registered to "Dan Algierz, of L.A., but it was cancelled several months ago for having failed to file required documents and fees.

    Not clear whether L'il Wayne or his agents ever registered such a brand.

    • Drew5 years agoReport

      Good info. Thanks for the link.

  • Billy
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    5 years ago

    yes and you are under arrest for saying it on the internet, sir!

    Source(s): polise man
    • Billy
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      your under arrest for telling a polise man about the laws.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    yeah him and fat joe popularized it in a song

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