Can I appeal being banned from a bank?

Ok so I recently got banned from Chase Bank because someone deposited bounced checks on my account but thankfully didn't cashed them out so I don't owe the bank any money but they won't let me open another account. Is there any way I can appeal this? And will it affect my credit? The bank told me because i don't owe them money is unlikely my credit will be affected but what do you guys think? And should I report this to the police? And would it affect me reporting this to them? Please Help me out

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    Chase Bank uses a number of check verification services and consumer credit reporting agencies to locate and report on an individual's banking history. When an individual requests to open an account, most banks and credit unions check these databases to see information related to how the individual has handled deposit accounts at any banking institutions. This will show the Chase Bank closure of the account and the reason for the action.

    Check with another bank or credit union, and ask if they have a 'Second Chance' checking account option available. If this deposit of fraudulent checks was a one time occurrence, the financial institution might be able to assist you to open a no frills checking account.

    The number of open or closed bank accounts an individual has is part of your credit history, but the credit score is calculated by looking at an individual's payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, types of credit in use (combined credit cards, retail accounts, installment loans, finance company accounts and mortgage loans), and new credit.

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    You can probably go to another branch of Chase and get an account there, but if you can't, there are dozens of other banks that will be happy to open an account. You could also try writing to the Company or the FDIC if you want.

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    okay well if you did not authorize those checks, then I guess you should report that to the police, but if your only issue is that you can't open an account with them, then GO TO ANOTHER BANK??

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