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Recommend good kpop songs? (10pts)?

I want some good kpop songs that are similar to the theme of:

Still you ( donghae and eunhyuk )

Miracles in december ( exo )

You don't know love ( k.will )

Basically, calm songs but still with a catchy beat and rhythm to it.

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    Beast has a lot of really nice ballads which I'm sure you'd enjoy ^^

    No More, Midnight, Rainy Days, Fiction, Be Alright, I'm Sorry, Shadow, Black Paradise, Easy, 12:30 (newest)

    There's also:

    Back- Infinite

    Be Mine- Infinite

    Melted- AKMU

    Imagine- BTOB

    Cleansing Cream- Brown Eyed Girls

    Empty- WINNER

    Heaven- Ailee

    Blue- BigBang

    I Love You- Jay Park

    Hate You- Ladies' Code

    It's War- MBLAQ

    Jo Jo- SHINee

    Pain, The Love Of Heart- SPEED

    It's You- Super Junior

    Eyes, Nose, Lips- Taeyang

    I Wanna Love- Teen Top

    Hopefully these songs suit your taste~

    • Elaine5 years agoReport

      Thank you ^ - ^ I enjoyed their ballads~ Thank you to YahItzMe as well! :)

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    I need a girl- Taeyang

    Coffee shop- B.A.P

    My Lady- EXO

    Coffee- BTS

    Just One Day- BTS (Watch the MV also :D)

    Moonlight- EXO *Very Calm song

    My favorite songs, I think this will fit your tastes :))

    Hope you like the songs

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