Teen clever halloween costumes for two girl best friends?

At our school EVERYONE dresses up for halloween and I was wondering if anyone could come up with ideas for two girls? There is a huge parade and they choose a winner. We are in eighth grade. Something clever would be GREAT not like witches or vampires or any boring thing like that. We want to win the competition!

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    Alice in wonderland and the queen of hearts

    anna and elsa

    sun and moon

    yin and yang

    summer and winter

    dog and cat

    angel and devil

    miley and hannah montana

    superman and batman

    typical white girls (starbucks, yoga pants, uggs)

    pirate and the mermaid

    little red riding hood and the big bad wolf

    little mermaid and ursula

    the two minions from despicable me

    thing one and thing two

    the shining twins

    blair and serena

    cher and dionne

    mermaid man and barnacle boy

    black swan and white swan

    starbucks cups

    peter pan and his shadow


    sponge bob and patrick

    Facebook and instagram

    elmo and cookie monster

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  • 6 years ago

    A banana and a mouse.

    A chicken nugget and a hicken wing.

    Voldemort and gandalf

    Dobby and hedwig ( harry potter)

    A cat and a dog

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    My friend and I did a pageant type thing where we made sashes with clever puns written on them like "Miss Understood" and "Miss Behaved" any words like that would work. We wore tiaras and cute dresses. idk that's probably totally lame but it was cute at the time!

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