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What is the quality of music files on YouTube? How do I find out.?

I know the quality depends on what was uploaded, but is there a standard? If I record a music clip using GoldWave, I have a choice of what you use to save it. I want to save it with the best possible quality, but I don't want to waste space saving as a .WAV if it's not of that quality to begin with. How can tell what quality file i've recorded?

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    I think at best they're 128 but maybe it has improved. To find out, you can do a spectral analysis in Audacity (free software). Here's a tutorial on what to look for --

    And there's probably more info on a forum called hydrogen audio. Also maybe head-fi.

    Even if you find a lossless song on youtube, there's no reason to record as wav. Use Flac or another compressed lossless format (I suggest flac unless you're listening on Apple devices in which case you'd want alac). Same quality as wav for a fraction of the size.

    With lossy songs, pay attention to the format. For instance if it's encoded as ogg, you wanna record it as ogg (or if that's not an option, record to wav then convert to ogg). Avoid converting from one lossy format to another, like from ogg to mp3 or vice versa. If a certain lossy format is not an option for you, consider using a lossless format for that file. The file will be bloated in size and the audio will still be lossy, but at least it won't be extra-lossy due to transcoding.

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