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Excersise before or after work?

Work night shifts.


cardio exercise (running).

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    When I used to work nights. I always worked out before going to work since I had several hours between waking up and going to work and it didn't interfere with my job. I would never be able to have done it after work as I just wanted to knock off when I got home and exercise too close to bed can interfere with your sleep which when you work the graveyard, can already be an issue without adding to it.

    But since I have no knowledge of your schedule, if you're someone who does the opposite and wakes up and goes right to work and stays awake several hours after coming home, then exercise after work, would obviously be a better choice.

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    depends on your schedule you will need an hour so you will have to get up an hour earlier after work if you have the energy some people are wound up after exercise and have a hard time sleeping others it knocks them out or split it 30 min in am and 30 min walk after dinner is what I prefer good luck

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    I would exercise prior to work it will wake you up and you will be more awake to doing your job !!

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    do it before, it wakes you up, gets the blood flowing, and you get it out of the way with

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