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Week 8 start-up: Antonio Brown, Mohamed Sanu, or Michael Floyd? Pick two.?

Brown has a difficult match-up against the Colts this week, which the Colts defense has shut out Sanu last week. Should I still continue to start Brown as he has been very consistent? Floyd has a good match-up against the Eagles and C.Palmer is "healthy." Sanu is an okay match-up against the Ravens whose defense is weaker against passing than rushing. With AJ Green still not maybe to play (current status), Sanu will be heavily targeted; however, he was shut out during the game against the Colts.

I am starting Antonio Brown and Michael Floyd. Despite the bad matchup, I feel that Brown will get much targets in the air because the Colts has been scoring a lot these past weeks.

Which WRs should I start?

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    Brown and Floyd. The Eagles have allowed the 5th most fantasy points to WRs. Sanu does also have a good match up though. Baltimore has allowed the 7th most fantasy points to WRs

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    Definitely start Brown, and then go with Floyd to. Brown has been great this year, and a tough matchup against a tough team like the Colts means that there's a good chance that they'll be throwing the ball more, even though they have Bell at RB. Floyd is more consistent than Sanu, so I guess you should start him; there's a pretty good chance he'll do solid at least. Definitely start Brown over Floyd and Sanu though.

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    Start Brown, he's a must start. I have him on my team and he's been very consistent as mentioned. I remember that week when I had him and Steve Smith starting. Smith was against the Panthers and Brown was against the Bucs. I tell you they gave me great numbers(and I won). I had the top 2 scoring receivers that week. But Brown gets you at least 15 points a game so start him

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