David Gilmour amp presets?

Hey guys, I'm trying to get David Gilmour tones with my Les Paul Studio (with alnico IIs) and Marshall 50CFX

for songs like Comfortably Numb, On an island, The wall and pretty much everything Gilmourish :D I also have an İrig HD for garageband and amplitube.. Have any recomendations for the settings/presets?

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    I'm afraid there are no "presets" to get the tone of Gilmour, or any other great player out there. You can get the tone to some degree by using similar equipment but the main part is always in the player, rather than the tools.

    That said, you can't really get near this particular tone without a good quality Fender Stratocaster, a high end (clean) tube amp (or very high end modelling equipment) and some equally high end delay. You will need a good compressor as well. Gilmour has played Fender as well as Hiwatt amps, and probably lots of other stuff besides these two brands.

    The best you can do with your current equipment is to experiment and use your ears to find a sound you like. You will need a clean (very little distortion) amp model though.


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    David Gilmour Amp

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    David uses an effect called a "Uni-vibe" which makes his sound semi-unique. Jimi Hendrix also used it.

    A kind of like a phaser/vibrato effect which can only be had using uni-vibe.

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