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how to keep bunnies from going under the bed? how to get them to come out from under the bed?

my 2 bunnies normally stay up in the maine level of the house. when let out doors are shut. they can get behind the couch and tv but they don't stay there long. They will be spending the nights in my room. the cat seems to hate them. so i let them out in my room. one ran right out of the cage andran all over the room. all was great until he ran under the bed but he got out and i put him back in the cage. Is there a way to keep the bunnies from getting under the bed? it's a metal framed bed. also a way to get them out from under the bed?

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    The only way to keep them out is to block access. You can use grids (like the ones used to make NIC cages) or wood panels or something similar. When it comes to bunny proofing, it takes some creativity and ingenuity. They like the security of being under a bed but I have heard of bunnies who eventually dug up through the bottom mattress -- very dangerous indeed!

    Once they are under the bed, it can be a pain to get them out. You may need to use a broom handle to nudge them out. Or you may have to lift off the mattress and box spring to get them out (a pain, I know!)

    You'll also want to check when they are behind the TV. Cords are a favorite for bunnies to chew, so be sure they can't get to the cords when back there.

    As for the couch, check to see that they aren't chewing on the backside of the couch. I pulled our couches away from the wall about 10" to allow an easy passageway for the bunnies. That also keeps them from chewing on the couch in an attempt to 'get by.'

    There are some further bunny proofing tips here:


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    They like going under beds and couches because these feel safe and homey to them, like a den. You can try placing some storage totes under your bed so there is no empty space there, but you should also provide some sort of spot for them to huddle under to make them feel safe and at home (my rabbit's spot is a little cove under the couch where the storage totes are pushed back far enough to let him in a foot or so).

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    Block off the bed. Do the opposite of what I did. I actually made under my bed into a cage and put up grids to keep the rabbit in at night


    You get grids at sears, kmart, bed bath and beyond, walmart etc. They might not have them in store so you will need to order online.

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