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so i found out that i barely passed my math class, i have 80s and 100s in class work and home work but when it comes to test i always fail?

this is my first year in high school and i promised to get better at math because last year the same thing happened i tried as hard as i could in class but when it comes to test i always fail. Sometimes i feel like i would do good on the test but when i got it back i would fail very badly when ever that would happen i would feel very depressed and hate math as well as myself. So when i graduated 8th grade i told myself i would try hard and get and 80 or higher in math. But the grades were put in today and i thought i would surely get a high grade but i got a 66. I don't know what to do because i told my mom i would get honor roll but i can't bring myself to do good in math no matter how hard i try. I'm scared that if i continue like this that i wont pass the regents and i'll to go to summer school, can any one relate or give me advice because right now i'm really depressed and have a strong feeling of hate for my math teacher, myself, and the subject itself.


thanks for the answer i'll try my best to follow what you told me

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    Ahh I know how you feel!

    Could be because you are too nervous or easily distracted or that you don't practice enough. The best way to prepare for tests is to start practicing and studying as soon as you hear about them. Don't stay up late and stress before the test. Eat foods that contain protein because they keep your energy steady (you can focus better this way).

    You could also go to tutoring and ask your teacher if you have any questions, like you aren't sure how to solve something or want things to be clarified.

    There is online tutoring too.

    Try not to think about hating math because it makes it a lot harder to learn. Also don't show your hate towards the teacher, even if he/she is mean because it might take a part in their grading..

    And you shouldn't hate yourself because of this. We all have some difficulties. You worked hard so you should be proud of it.

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