What is Life like on a US submarine?

I've recently joined the Navy as a Sonar Ray technician and I have a few questions both General and specific:

1) How difficult is A School for Sonar Ray Technician? What do you learn and what subjects should I primarily prepare to learn?

2) In A School what are the best steps to succeed? I don't ever want to be demoted and I'd like to shine so that I can upgrade to a higher rank as quickly as possible.

3) I heard the Submarines require psych tests, what type of questions can I expect to answer?

4) What are the people on a submarine like? How do I best handle conflict?

5) Where does one find plastic airtight bags?

6) Can one practice there religious beliefs on a Submarine? if so where?

7) What are the hours like?

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    I don't think you know what your talking about. There is no such thing as a Sonar RAY Tech.

    Where did you get the Word "Ray" From??/ You just make that up?

    Psych Test is required.

    There will be no Conflict unless you cause it.

    Plastic bags are not allowed on submarines. contaminates the air.

    Religious Beliefs - As long as your Christian you will not have any problems.

    Hours: 24/7

    Putting all that aside: This is a Job Description of a Submarine Sonar Tech:

    The Sonar Technican, Submarine specialty (STS) operate (control, evaluate, and interpret data) submarine sonar, oceanographic equipment, and submarine auxiliary sonar; coordinate submarine sonar and underwater fire control interface; perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on submarine and allied equipment. You cannot enlist with a guarantee for this rating. Instead, you enlist in the Navy's Submarine Electronics/Computer Field (SECF). Following Enlisted Basic Submarine School (BESS) and the first portion of the Submarine Learning Center pipline course, you are assigned to be trained as ET-COM, ET-NAV, FT, or STS. Your rating is determined from your preferences, scores receved in the above two schools, and the "needs of the Navy."

    Working Environment

    Duties in this rating are usually performed aboard submarines. Submarine Electronics/Computer Field personnel usually work indoors in a clean, controlled environment with comfortable temperatures. However, some work is required in a clean or dirty environment of a shop-like nature. Their work may be independent in nature, but they usually work closely with others under direct supervision.

    A-School (Job School) Information

    Groton, CT -- 4 weeks (Basic Enlisted Submarine School)

    Groton, CT --18 weeks (Submarine Learning Center)

    Note: The Submarine Learning Center includes Apprenticship Technical Training, Tactical Computer Network Operations, or TCNO, and STS "A-School." Some students may be selected for advanced training ("C-Shool,") prior to shipping out to the fleet

    ASVAB Score Requirement: AR+MK+EI+GS=222 or VE+AR+MK+MC=222

    Security Clearance Requirement: Top Secret

    Other Requirements

    Must be U.S. Citizen

    Most have normal color perception

    Must have normal hearing.

    Must volunteer for submarine duty

    Must have no record of conviction by civil court for any offense other than minor traffic.

    Moral turpitude offenses are generally disqualifying.

    No history of drug abuse.

    This job (like all submarine jobs) is closed to women

    Sub-Specialties Available for This Rating: Navy Enlisted Classification Codes for STS

    Current Manning Levels for This Rating: CREO Listing

    Note: Advancement ( promotion ) opportunity and career progression are directly linked to a rating's manning level (i.e., personnel in undermanned ratings have greater promotion opportunity than those in overmanned ratings).

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    If you are off duty, you can be called back on at a moment's notice. It will be cramped beyond belief, so they screen for claustrophobia. But I have heard that the food on submarines is the best in the military.

  • TomB
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    5 years ago

    Well according to a buddy of mine who was a Sub qualified MS on 688's (prior to the CS Rating):

    150 Sailors go down and 75 couples surface.....so I guess friendly and close knit, but we couldn't ask them about the particulars prior to the repeal of DA/DT.

    Source(s): Retired Navy Aviation Electrician (on ASW aircraft)
  • Justin
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    5 years ago

    Shouldn't you have asked those questions before you enlisted?

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  • 5 years ago

    "Sonar ray"? How did you score high enough on the ASVAB to go subs?

    Source(s): 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Navy Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
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    5 years ago

    Are you asking about the US Navy? Your question is written in non-American English and I doubt that you are in the US Navy. Perhaps the Russian Navy.

    Source(s): Native English speaker.
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