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Why Kurds want to become an independent state?

Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq can simply send their troops to destroy the Kurdish rebels and peshmerga.

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    I am an Iranian and there are Kurds in my country. They believe they are from a different ethnicity and that is why they think it is better for them to be independent. Why should anyone destroy the Kurds? They are people and they are entitled to their opinions

    • moongloom
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      You are ignorant. What the heck does ethniciy have to do with anything. Iran is multiethnic. If you are so big on ethnicity you get a DNA test to find out how "impure" you are. Independence is the path to destruction.

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    Because they were an independent state before the Western countries came in and smashed three countries together and called it Iraq. Their sovereignty was ripped away from them by people who knew nothing about them and didn't care. They haven't forgotten.

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    So they can get foreign aid from the U.S.

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