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Why won't Cuba deport Joanne Chesimard back to the United States?

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    Castro stated ''They wanted to portray her as a terrorist, something that was an injustice, a brutality, an infamous lie,"

    I knew nothing about this woman but after reading up on the trial, it seems very possible that Castro is right and her trial and conviction were a miscarriage of justice.

    Perhaps a better question is why have the FBI got this woman on their most wanted list, when a first year law student could make a compelling and thorough case showing that she was in fact innocent of the murder of which she was convicted..

    Five jurors had personal ties to State Troopers (one girlfriend, two nephews, and two friends).

    Neutron activation analysis administered after the shootout showed no gunpowder residue on Shakur's fingers; her fingerprints were not found on any weapon at the scene, according to forensic analysis performed at the Trenton, New Jersey crime lab and the FBI crime labs in Washington, D.C.

    A neurologist testified that the median nerve in Shakur's right arm was severed by the second bullet, making her unable to pull a trigger. Neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Turner Davidson, Associate Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, testified that the wounds in her upper arms, armpit and chest, and severed median nerve that instantly paralyzed her right arm, would only have been caused if both arms were raised, and that to sustain such injuries while crouching and firing a weapon (as described in Trooper Harper's testimony) "would be anatomically impossible

    Dr. David Spain, a pathologist from Brookdale Community College, testified that her bullet scars as well as X-rays supported her claim that her arms were raised, and that there was "no conceivable way" the first bullet could have hit Shakur's clavicle if her arm was down.

    Judge Appleby eventually cut off funds for any further expert defense testimony

    To the casual observer it looks like this woman did not commit this murder and as such her application to Cuba for political asylum is perfectly reasonable and a credit to Castro for granting it.

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    gee, could it possibly be because the US has had an embargo against them for decades? Cuba has no reason to be friendly to the US

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