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Do the CEOs not care?

Now we've heard of CEOs and oil companies that do not care for the environment, so they will continue to cut down forests and dump waste. Just like the way the Indians treat the Ganges River, do oil companies and energy corporations litter the world because they expect that a higher-being will clean it up for them?

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    These people are businessmen - they are in it for the profit. They have a fiscal responsibility to their shareholders to make profit and pay dividends on their stock, otherwise the stock price will plummet and they will go out of business.

    So where does the profit come from?

    People like you - buying oil, driving a car, using plastic, dressing yourself in synthetic clothing, heating your home, cooking your food, going to work, staying nice and cool in the summer with your AC.

    The Global Warming people seem to be out in droves tonight - the Pentagon issuing warnings, the sea levels are rising, it's the warmest decade in the history of man, etc. etc. According to them, we're all doomed.

    So why is it that the true believers, the truly passionate, that 50% of the population and 90% of scientists haven't created a boom in the solar panel business?

    Believe me, if there were robust markets in solar energy, wind energy, cotton fabric, hydrogen cars - these evil CEOs and oil company execs would be RUNNING to own THOSE businesses. Their intent is not to pollute, their desire is not to ruin the planet - their motivation is profit, and how they get it is based on YOU and YOUR buying trends, YOUR lifestyle.

    As passionate as the Global Warming people are, all they seem to want to do is criticize others - and call out conservatives who are dumb, or who don't believe in science, or who are "deniers". Yet their behavior is no different. They want to pass the buck to government, as though government will actually do something about it.

    Here's a little news flash - the government doesn't care either. Whereas CEO's look for profit, politicians look for votes. They will use and exploit this issue, whether it's true or not, to get votes and campaign donations, to pass bills and move money around, to enrich favored groups that represent blocs of votes and to destroy the others. Meanwhile, the seas continue to rise (or so they say).

    If you really want to DO something about it, then DO something. Stop criticizing and pointing fingers. Stop driving. Ride a bike. Car pool. Mortgage your house and get yourself off the grid by investing in solar energy. Put a wind turbine in your back yard. Sure it will be expensive - but so were the first computers, the first cell phones, the first TV sets. They became trends, they caught on, they took over the world. And the CEOs figured out a way to own and profit from the technology.

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    why would an oil company cut down forest ?

    and with so many enviromental inspectors -- just where and when have they ever been caught dumping waste ?

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    Offer someone a $100 million not to care and see what happens.

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    Let me ask you a question, do you drive a car??? Enough said!

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    no. they taste like chicken

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