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29 yr old man seeking fashion advice from women.?

I'm a single dad who has gotten in better shape. Looking for a new wardrobe that says casual and fun, but sophisticated. I prefer comfortable jeans and shirts by brands like Columbia and any outdoor type fashion. Any do's or Don'ts would be appreciated. For instance, a female friend recently told me that cargo shorts weren't stylish. Lol. I had no idea. Also, I usually wear a goatee or a nicely manicured beard.

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    If you like Columbia, try checking out Eddie Bauer. For your mature, fun and casual; try looking up these websites: Nordstrom Rack, L.L Bean, Fashion Beans, Johnston and Murphy, Jos. A. Bank, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Macy's, Kols, Dillards, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy. I don't have any do's and don't for you, but all of these websites are pretty good places to shop at. Do note, that some of these places are on the more expensive side, but they are nice clothes. I also added some stores that are more price friendly, yet still have nice, stylish clothes. But I'll let you do that research :) Good luck!

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    Anything from Barneys is good, get a manicure and pedicure. Be clean but fun. Try to switch up your outfits a lot. Nice shoes and loafers are a must. Get a nice watch and a few rings so you don't look boring. Don't wear too much cologne.

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    Goatees are sexy lol Seriously wear what makes you feel comfy but is still nice. Don't get rid of the goatee ;) x

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    Wow young man keep it up :)

    Man you are just of 29 what a big deal.. Its not necessary that you a single dad so you should dress up like a very old man its all about how you feel yourself if your heart is still young than you should be young so dress up what ever you like and clothes in which you feel yourself comfortable:)

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