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Why was softball removed from the Olympics?

I know baseball was removed because Selig didn't want to halt the season to send all the best players to the Olympics (especially during the BALCO scandal, which would prevent many superstars from even becoming Olympians). However, why discontinue softball as well?

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    You are mistaken about the reason why baseball was removed. Baseball/softball were voted out by the International Olympic Committee because (depending on what you want to believe) it was dominated by non-European nations (the IOC is heavily Euro-centric), games couldn't end at a specific time (extra innings, weather), ratings & ticket sales were poor, and unlike hockey & soccer/football the best baseball players weren't released from their teams to play in the Olympics.

    Baseball and softball are paired: baseball for men, softball for women. Votes on their inclusion and exclusion were tied together.

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    Sports are added and dropped from the Olympics all the time.

    a sport must have the support of the majority of the committee.

    Softball and baseball were dropped along with wrestling because not enough countries played the sports and the committee did not think they produced enough money.

    There is always a chance they will be reinstated.

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