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Golden age in the lower lower weight class division?

lower lower meaning flyweight and such

all the exciting fighters and fights come from the lower lower divisions nowadays

I can think of legitimately 8 or 9 FOTY contenders right now in those divisions and the year isnt even necessarily finished yet

Gonzalez, Estrada, Yaegashi, etc. They are all superb boxers and I believe we are experiencing a golden age in the lower divisions now

Thoughts on the divisions?

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  • teodor
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    With Nicaragua's undefeated Roman Gonzales who is gaining popularity and wide acclaim in the USA up there as WBC champion and old Mexican rival Juan Francisco Estrada holding half (WBA and WBO) of the major belts in the division, the flyweights have a bigger and brighter chance of getting into the limelight again for the first time since the heydays of Cobrita Gonzales and Michael Carbajal. Asians are also a traditional major player in the weight class but with only one titleholder coming from the region in Thai Amnat Ruengroeng, they have their work cut out for them. A Roman Gonzales-Juan Estrada clash for most of the marbles so to speak is in the horizon which will bring the division back to full prominence especially in the USA and the Western Hemisphere. The up in weight of another Gonzales Mexican old foe Francisco Rodriguez only serves to reinforce this prospect. But we cannot count out fighters from the Asia who have won more than half of the championships at flyweights since the days of Pancho Villa and Small Montana in the 1920s. Brian Viloria is still a power to be reckoned with and there are a number of fast up and coming Pinoy, Japanese and Thai fighters who could be ready to vie for the titles in the next two years at least. Aside from the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea, threats now can also come from China and even Vietnam. The Latinos of course would want to maintain their hold of the championships and that would make the competition down there extremely close and exciting in the years ahead.

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  • 6 years ago

    The kings are Estrada and Gonzales.

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