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In order to achieve the goal of 0.01°C reduction in global warming, how many Leafs would need to be bought instead of the Versa vehicle?

Since 1850, through the end of 2013, there has been 1.44 trillion metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. During that same span, the average annual global temperature has increased by +0.86°C. By dividing this temperature increase by the total metric tonnes of CO2 emissions since 1850, it is determined that one CO2 metric tonne is associated with an increased global temperature of 0.0000000000006.

Put another way, each CO2 tonne hypothetically equates with 6 ten-trillionths of a degree (C). And that means each Versa's 2.96 tonnes of emissions would hypothetically equate to a temperature impact of 18 trillionths of a degree, per year.

How many Versas would have to be sold (instead of the CO2 clean Leaf) to equate to a +0.01°C increase?

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    if everybody had electric cars it would not affect the climate at all .

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    Maybe you should let Raisin Caine preview your questions that use any numbers. He is forever ragging on improper assumptions of linearity - and this question (as well as other recent questions of yours) is as guilty as guilty can be.

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